Meyers Bakery Nordic baked goods

Tuesday, December 17 2013

Opening Times

Monday til Friday 7.00-18.00
Saturday til Sunday 7.00-16.00


Meyers Bakery
St. Kongensgade 46
1264 Copenhagen-Inner City
.How to get there


0045 2 510 75 79

Meyers Deli 
Gammel Kongevej 107
1850 Frederiksberg C

I really love cooking at my house but if you ask my friends they will all tell you that my specialty is the art of baking bread, buns and cakes. Like the sommelier looking intense at the color of the wine, smelling it and tasting it…. That is what I do with my bread!

Whenever I’m at fancy restaurant – you will find me taking a discrete sniff of the bread. For me tasting bread starts with the smell of the bread. I do this whenever I travel from Italy to Sydney, to New York City.

The 'New Nordic' food revolution is a part of the way bread is baked today in Copenhagen. The 'New Nordic' referrers to a concept where everything is produced and grown locally. Meyers bakery in Copenhagen is only using organic flour grown locally. When you take the first bite of a fresh baked bun or a cinnamon swirl -  you can tell that this is really great baked goods and you will have to find some excuse to come back for more.

Visit one of the 5 Meyers bakery’s situated around in Copenhagen if you want to experience great Nordic bread and cakes.

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Meyers Bakery – Nordic baked goods
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