Susanne Winkler Artist and architect

Tuesday, October 10 2023

Opening Times

The exhibition will take place from 12.10. to 16.11.2023.
Monday to Friday: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 3:00pm

Appointments with Ms Winkler during the exhibition and afterwards by telephone arrangement.


Goerzallee 299
14167 Berlin-Steglitz
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+49 177 2637851

Art is a process, a dialogue, sometimes also a struggle. Susanne Winkler has been conducting this all her life, in constant change and highly motivated to try new things. The architect and artist lives for the creative output and presents her works from October 12th at Goerzwerk, where her new studio is located.

It is a warm summer day when we visit Susanne Winkler in her house with a breathtaking garden in the south of Berlin. Together with her husband, she runs an architectural office there. A fact that is evident in the many beautiful details on the house. However, as we settle into the conservatory, what stands out most are the many paintings, drawings and sculptures, sometimes colourful, sometimes simple, that adorn the walls, tables and shelves.

Susanne Winkler has been involved with art all her life, in her work as well as in her everyday life. In their joint architectural office, she takes on the design part. "I basically do the beautiful things, that's just what I'm into, designing and playing with colours." Architecture and art are a logical combination, as her studies have shaped her design, understanding of form and the interplay of colours.

Susanne Winkler Malerei Berlin-08 © Matthias Könsgen
Susanne Winkler Malerei Berlin-05 © Matthias Könsgen
Susanne Winkler Malerei Berlin-06 © Matthias Könsgen
Susanne Winkler Malerei Berlin-01 © Matthias Könsgen
Susanne Winkler Malerei Berlin-03 © Matthias Könsgen

In her art, she has continuously developed her style further and experimented with materials. In doing so, she is always driven by the search for an idea, says Susanne Winkler. "What I love about art is that you can leave out the purposefulness and I can do what I want, what is important to me and what occupies me. Without regard to external circumstances. I just have to be true to myself and my conscience."

The main part of her work is abstract, but she has also been working with nude studies and ceramic sculptures for a long time. It's all about the process: "I don't know where the picture will take me initially. What starts as a drawing is soon supplemented with colour, in different layers and temporal intervals. A dialogue with the work develops, an open-ended interaction. This can be a process that ends after one day or after weeks of reworking. It is sometimes a struggle that keeps me busy even at night."

She is influenced by moods, external influences and the colours of nature. In summer the works are more colourful, in winter colder. After having painted her pictures only for herself, apart from small exhibitions and auctions, Susanne Winkler is now going public: from October 12th  to November 16th, her works can be seen during an exhibition at the Goerzwerk. In addition, she has moved into her studio there, which will be open for the vernissage on October 12th and the finissage on November 16th from 5:00pm. The artist can be found there at these times, otherwise by telephone arrangement.

But we wouldn't be Creme Guides if we didn't end with a favourite place. For Susanne Winkler, this is the Liebermann Villa, which is also a favourite of ours, in addition to the extremely beautiful garden at home: "I had a wonderful experience there years ago. On a wonderful summer's day, I visited the current exhibition depicting fine society at Wannsee. Afterwards, I bought a copy of Effi Briest illustrated by Liebermann and sat down on the shore with a coffee and read the book.

That's when all the impressions came together with reality. The societies in the pictures, the villa depicted in the book, all that felt exactly the same, only a hundred years later. It was like travelling back in time."

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