Sauvage Paleo Restaurant Nr. 2 in Prenzlauer Berg

Saturday, October 05, 2013

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Sauvage Restaurant
Winsstrasse 30
10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
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+49 30 381 000 25

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When I first discovered Paleo nutrition at Neukölln's Sauvage restaurant earlier this year, my life changed. But Paleo has changed Boris Leite's life even more so. He's established himself as the German go-to person in all things Paleo and is very in demand these days.

To be able to provide the supply, he, together with his husband Rodrigo, opened up a second branch in Prenzlauer Berg just one week ago. Ever since, the old Sauvage has been transformed into a true bistro and the new space was turned into a beautifully decorated restaurant with a small deli department that offers Paleo specialties such as bread, sparkling kefir water with ginger and several jams. I was especially intrigued by their onion jam!

The menu offers Paleo classics such as the 'Steak Sauvage' or the 'Hunter-Gatherer-Platter', as well as new creations like chocolate figs with a lamb filling or a rack of lamb in a pistachio-thyme crust. The 'English Layer Trifle of Carob Gum Cake and Almond Milk-Vanilla Cream' was an exceptional highlight. While at first surprising with a very mild sweetness, we were later convinced of its deep and delicate tastiness.


Whether you're trying new dishes or Paleo classics, it's always recommended to take your time to be able to fully appreciate the unknown flavors. In all food-related matters, our taste is very conditioned and we tend to quickly dismiss the unknown that opens up new dimensions of taste only after repeatedly trying. Our charming Icelandic waiter willingly explained the philosophy behind the Paleo concept and answered any question we had.

I'm hoping for a Paleo deli with snacks to go in the near future. Dear Sauvage crew, has the time come yet?

New: Sunday-Brunch on Weekends like I had it in Sauvage Neukölln some time ago! >>>

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