Neumond Kamel Haddad’s Wonderful Cooking

Tuesday, May 21 2019

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It’s the third time now that we’re dining at Neumond Restaurant in Mitte, and the culinary achievements have grown in leaps and bounds. Since the start of the year, Kamel Haddad has been the man behind the kitchen’s success, bringing out its very best with an exciting new dining concept. Born in France with Algerian roots, Haddad has been living in Berlin for 13 years. He cut his teeth in Paris, and later worked with many top chefs in Germany.

At Neumond Restaurant, the 40-year-old is finally developing his own culinary style. First and foremost, though, his dishes follow the seasons – but in an authentic and instinctive way. Inspired by his three cultural backgrounds and influences from the kitchens he’s previously worked in, the result is a fusion of seasonality and international flavours.

Besides the nightly dinners, on weekends guests are treated to an unusual brunch of tapas and breakfast classics. But it’s especially in the evening that Kamel Haddad shows off his skillset. Every month, the menu changes completely, and you can choose from a total of nine courses. – All the while, the two owners, Tim Hansen and Vitali Müller, are the perfect hosts, making every visit to the cosy Neumond Restaurant complete.

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Neumond – Kamel Haddad’s Wonderful Cooking
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