Lausebengel Craft Beer meets Modern Berlin Cuisine

Friday, August 09 2019

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Tuesday to Saturday open from 2.00 pm


Grimmstraße 21
10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg
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+49 030 22474391

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The gastropub Lausebengel on Grimmstrasse 21 in the Graefekiez is roomy: A total of 70 guests can be seated inside and almost 90 outside. The latter is ideal for catching the first rays of sunshine in the spring – and for finding shelter in cool shadowy corners in the summer.

The main thing at Lausebengel is craft beer: The drinks menu offers 15 beer varieties that range from a classic Pilsner to Bavarian specialty beers and more avantgarde flavours. 10 of these are available on tap and 5 from a bottle, including alcohol- and gluten-free varieties.

But Lausebengel is not only an El Dorado of sorts for beer lovers: The food here is delicious too. The concept: "Berlin cuisine goes modern". That’s why you’ll find dishes with Turkish and Arab influences on the menu. After all, it’s not uncommon that kids growing up in Berlin try a doner kebab before a currywurst.

Regional cuisine is presented on sandwiches, as "Berlin bites" like tapas, as well as in refined modern mains. While the sandwiches arrive topped with hefty ingredients like black pudding, applesauce, sauerkraut, and roasted onions, the "Berlin bites" include dishes like an excellent vegan potato salad, black pudding croquettes, and homemade fish sticks.

Restaurant Lausebengel Berlin-Kreuzberg Fischstäbchen
Restaurant Lausebengel Berlin-Kreuzberg Blutwurst-Stulle
Restaurant Lausebengel Berlin-Kreuzberg Senf-Ei Stulle
Restaurant Lausebengel Berlin-Kreuzberg Rote Grütze
Restaurant Lausebengel Berlin-Kreuzberg-Bar
Restaurant Lausebengel Berlin-Kreuzberg-Interieur
Restaurant Lausebengel Berlin-Kreuzberg-Interieur2

For the mains, dishes like the vegetarian cold soljanka impress just as much as the fried sole à la Meunière with almonds, capers, and salted baked potatoes. In the winter, classics like duck with red cabbage, beef roulade, Königsberger meatballs, or a traditional Sunday roast will make their debut.

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Lausebengel – Craft Beer meets Modern Berlin Cuisine
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