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Wiener Straße 31
10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
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+49 30 338 491 20

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My son was the one who alerted me to the opening of this burger shop in Kreuzberg, and I, as a lover of both chicken as well as spicy food, was curious to try it. So yesterday I went there for the first time, and it will certainly not be the last time.

The concept initially seems quite simple: a sesame-seed bun is topped with fresh fried chicken fillets, cheese, iceberg lettuce and homemade sauces. The latter, however, make the difference and give the burgers a real kick. In the classic "Piri" burger, you will find homemade aioli and a sharp piri-piri sauce, while in the "Rockness Monstah" burger, there is a much spicier "Trauma" sauce. The owners Jules and Jordi certainly provide a taste that can bring tears to your eyes.

In combination, the components provide a unique taste experience, which in my opinion, beats any conventional beef burgers. Nevertheless, they offer a  beef option here as well, in the form of steak burgers that go by the name 'Buckshot'. They are made from steak, crispy fried bacon, sauteed red onions, pickles, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and another homemade sauce called "Chipotle Mayo", a spicy variation of aioli.

For the sauce, the duo have been inspired by the flavors of Portugal, in particular the piri-piri sauce. The basic idea for the chicken burger, however, comes from Australia, the home of Jordi and Jules. For vegetarians there is the "Fiction" burger, where the meat is replaced with tofu, and the obligatory fries are not to be missed. I personally would like to see a wonderful gluten-free bread like the Sun Day Burgers at Markthalle Neun. Maybe that is yet to come. Either way they've already proven a feeling for trends.

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Piri’s – Chicken Burgers with a Kick
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