Petshop by Karhard A beastly beautiful concept store

Monday, November 20 2023

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Wednesday to Friday: 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Saturday: noon - 4:00pm


Petshop by karhard
Oberbaumstraße 7
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
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It creeps, crawls, and stalks at Schlesisches Tor because the general fauna has gathered in the brand new Petshop in Oberbaumstraße in Kreuzberg. The renowned Karhard architecture studio recently opened the pet concept store here.

The idea of the petshop needs a little explaining, says Studio Karhard founder and now petshop operator Thomas: "We are a pet shop," he says with a grin, "but not with live animals!" "Do you sell stuffed animals?" some people ask. No, not quite. The Petshop is all about design objects.

Valuable and beautiful items meet unusual and cute designs, categorised into animal species such as fish, birds, mammals, crustaceans and molluscs. The idea had been buzzing around in Thomas and Karhard co-founder Alexandra's head for some time, and now the shop in the building was accessible.

In many years of research, Alex has found numerous beautiful little objects from creators, artists and furniture makers - all of which now find a home in the Petshop. The graphically minimalist designs by Enzo Mari from the 1960s - which Alex particularly loves - were a source of inspiration for the Petshop.

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The concept store stocks decorative items such as the pleasantly understated stone birds from Japan as well as dragonflies that serve as hooks and olive oil soap in the shape of cicadas. In addition - in the mammal corner, so to speak: hedgehogs to wipe off shoes or a cat jazz band from the German ceramic manufacturer Lindner in Franconia. "They are all hand-painted, and we found them so quirky that we had to include them in the range," says Thomas.

The napkin rings with attached butterflies from the same company, which are also hand-painted, are also enchanting. Among the fish, we are enchanted by a cushion in the shape of a whale by Donna Wilson or the chocolate in a sardine design. Even the crustaceans and molluscs in the back of the shop are impressive with their enchanting presentation.

Tiny snails as brooches and cufflinks from England, for example - also set with glittering stones or eating utensils in the shape of mussels. Particularly original: a cheese hedgehog blank by - how could it be otherwise - German interior designer Ulf Seydell.

In keeping with this, ants with integrated skewers crawl on the opposite wall unit and cavort on the buffet along with their delicious cargo. In the Petshop, such witty ideas are combined with collector's items such as the reissued Metropolis-like figures from the opera "King Stag" by Sophie Taeuber-Arp or the truly magnificent cherry splendour beetle in the shape of a carpet that shimmers against the wall.

In front, massive leather animals are enthroned on pedestals, including Thomas' favourite object: the impressive leather rhino. The design of this unconventional piece of furniture originates from the 1950s. Not only is it wonderful to touch, but it is also a real eye-catcher for enthusiasts.

It is no coincidence that the salt-treated veneer surface of the pedestals from the design duo llot llov (Please DO touch!) is itself reminiscent of animal skin. A different animal pattern adorns the curtain that separates the front from the back of the shop. Textile designer Ksenia Oganesyan from Cure.tain made it especially for the petshop based on the graphic zoo pattern from the renowned Zurich office Gottschalk + Ash International.

Portuguese manufacturer Ferreira de Sá also made the impressive beetle rug exclusively for the Petshop. The silvery, reflective tree stump with a squeaky green caterpillar and tree fungus climbing up it. It was designed by the creative brothers Balzer Balzer at the request of the Petshop.

Thanks to the architecture studio's many good contacts, such orders and customised designs are no problem: "It's great fun when you can create things yourself. That's where the Petshop comes together with Studio Karhard again," explains Alexandra. "The idea is also to take things further!" "There will also be more artist editions in the future," adds Thomas.

And so old and young, from the small to the big bucks, can get their money's worth here - in the form of a cedar wood lamp that smells wonderful when you switch it on. Or linen pigeons from an exhibition by Thomas Eyck, which can be used as doorstops. All animal lovers who don't have time to go for a walk and design aficionados with an eye for the unusual will probably have butterflies in their stomachs at the Petshop.

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Petshop by Karhard – A beastly beautiful concept store
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