Parkhaus A Concept Store more like a Rotation of Stage Productions...

Saturday, December 24 2016

Permanently closed!!!



Parkhaus Berlin
Schröderstraße 13
10115 Berlin-Mitte
.How to get there


+49 30 440 124 60

Drumroll. Esteemed guests, your attention please! Today we present to you: Parkhaus! A picture book. A fairy tale. Or, in more demure terms: a concept store with various orchestrations and one of the most beautiful shops in all of Berlin – according to us, at least.

The magical store on Schröderstraße in Mitte has been a constant place of refuge for us for a while now, and our own treasure trove of unique gifts, home accessories, and beauty products- in other words, things that send our hearts beating at the sight of them alone.

The exhibition is newly designed about every four months and new oddities, beauties, and finishing touches are brought to the scene. You'll discover new items here that are hard to come by in other stores and will bring back a childlike sense of wonder and awe.

The two owners, product designer Anja Witte Krieger and humanist Anne Karp, travel around the world four times a year, sometimes purchasing new items on the spot. These often can't be ordered at a later time and are only available until sold.

Parkhaus Berlin Concept Store Tisch
Parkhaus Berlin Concept Store Geschenkset
Parkhaus Berlin Concept Store Drinks
Parkhaus Berlin Concept Store rosa
Parkhaus Berlin Concept Store Baby
Parkhaus Berlin Concept Store Kinder

The store feels like something from a different world, where it's easy to get lost in hours of browsing. From hand-selected chocolates, beautiful maps, and natural beauty products to linen tablecloths and bedsheets in wonderful pastel shades and lovingly chosen books and CDs – it's love at first sight, and you'll want to leave with everything.

Parkhaus is like a stage design where the props, unlike in the theatre, can be purchased. For yourself or others, giftwrapped by the ladies behind the counter. Objects that will continue to bring happiness and standing ovations!

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Parkhaus – A Concept Store more like a Rotation of Stage Productions…
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