Neu Venedig A Bit of Italy in Berlin

Wednesday, December 16 2015


Neu Venedig
.How to get there

Originally the small canals were created to drain the swampy area, but today they characterize the landscape in Köpenick. On top of the countless picturesque islands an allotment garden area was founded in 1960 that intensifies the dreamy idyll.

By renting a canoe and paddle through the lagoon-like canals, you have the best view on the tiny houses and sheds with GDR charm. Thanks to the many bridges exploring the area by bicycle is a nice alternative.

During spring the beer gardens serve fresh asparagus and invite you to relax for a bit after an exhaustive cycling or canoe tour, while having an amazing view on the Berlin version of Venice that really deserves that name!

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Neu Venedig – A Bit of Italy in Berlin
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