Neni Berlin 25hours over Berlin's Citylights

Thursday, February 06 2014

Opening Times

Monday to Thursday 12.00 pm - midnight (kitchen until 11 pm)
Friday - Sunday 12.30 pm - midnight (kitchen until 11 pm)


NENI Berlin
Budapester Str. 40
10787 Berlin-Tiergarten
.How to get there


+49 30 12 02 21 20 0

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From Zoo-Station, passing the seemingly endless Bikini-House, it`s just a few steps to the 25 Hours Hotel at Budapester Straße.  It can be easily identified by a huge light installation, matching the Hotel-Logo. You`re entitled to expect something impressive.

The elevator will take you to the restaurant and bar at the 10th floor where you`ll enter a different world: all in one vibrant and cozy. Right in the center a huge greenhouse and a giant light beam. The view from there on BERLIN is breathtaking. I myself am particularly fond of the slack furniture and the many beautiful details adding to the enticing atmosphere.

After taking seats you will have to work through a large sized menu offering a range of orientally inspired dishes - a lot of humus, vegetables, meat, fish, spices, fresh herbs. To name a few : “Whole poached cauliflower marinated with olive oil and sumac”, “Classic humus with caramelized poultry liver and pomegranate seeds”, the “Chefs very own version of humus with minced beef and lamb, and spicy chili” or “Grilled scallops with Beluga lentils and candied organic carrots” and the “Jerusalem plate” containing grilled chicken, oriental spices, fresh herbs, humus, tahini and pita bread.


At Neni`s all dishes, like the Spanish tapas, are served at once. They are aromatic, smell and taste that way.  Most of them are visibly larger than tapas. Your meal can easily turn into an oriental feast. We`ve enjoyed with genuine enthusiasm. Neni`s really a great place to be!

After having finished our meal, we right away took the elevator to leave, skipping the Bar. But there`ll be  another occasion to visit this place with its soft couches and impressing view over Berlin.

German text by Constanze Hallensleben

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