Museumsinsel Travelling through Time

Wednesday, September 30 2015


Schloßplatz 1
10178 Berlin-Mitte
.How to get there

Walking around the Museumsinsel you could think you are in a different century. The impressive architecture belongs to UNESCO World Heritage for a reason! The Lustgarten surrounded by Altes Museum and Berliner Dom makes the island even more magical. Solely for its exterior the island on the Spree is worth a visit. Musicians, gardens and paths right next to the water make it a peaceful place. Very picturesque and dreamy, despite the location in the heart of Berlin.

But it is on the inside what counts! On Museumsinsel you find a complex of highly regarded museums. Sculptures, paintings and other antique objects are spread over five museums und every single one of them is worth visiting. The Pergamon Museum attracts visitors with its famous Pergamon Altar, the Bode Museum with a collection of Byzantine art, the Neues Museum with archaeological findings, the Altes Museum with treasures of Greek culture and the Alte Nationalgalerie holds a collection of paintings from artists like Casper David Friedrich.

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Museumsinsel – Travelling through Time
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