La Corniche Shawarma, Falafel & Co at S-Bhf Bundesplatz

Sunday, April 14 2013

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Monday till Sunday: 11.30 am - 10.00 pm


La Corniche
Bundesplatz 9
10715 Berlin-Friedenau
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Unusually beautiful for a takeaway, La Corniche opened its doors at S-Bahnhof Bundesplatz no more than four weeks ago. Nevertheless, word spread quickly about their exquisite shawarma and delicious falafel.

A little too close to the speedway, the two shop owners have overcome their ungainly location by attentively arranging the interior as if it was an integrated part of the newly renovated building's total picture. They both hail from Beirut, party central of the Middle East, from where the father of one of them came to Berlin. They know all about Eastern cuisine and its nuances and flavors.

When you enter La Corniche, instead of the usual diner frying odor you will smell a hint of cinnamon. From shawarma and falafel spice blends, hummus and tabouleh, to their sauces, the food lovers of La Corniche prepare everything in-house daily.

The hummus is homemade and fresh. Otherwise widely spread flavor enhancers are completely absent in this place, just the right blend of all natural spices makes it taste all the more fragrant and genuine.

The fried vegetables at La Corniche were to oily for me personally, but the parsley salad was outstanding and their famous shawarma is one of the best in town. The meat is not only one of the most fragrant ones, but tastes just as aromatic! The sesame sauce is mild and the homemade pickled radish lends the final zest.

Considering the food at La Corniche's as a whole, of course you cannot just disregard the falafel which, in that case, is exceptionally good and very well worth the visit to Friedenau, especially for vegetarians!

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La Corniche – Shawarma, Falafel & Co at S-Bhf Bundesplatz
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