Kushinoya Unique Japanese Cuisine in Berlin

Sunday, January 13 2013

Opening Times

Thursday till Sunda 18.00- 22.30


Bleibtreustraße 6
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg
.How to get there


+49 30 318 098 97

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More than 10 years ago, Japanese Restaurant Kushinoya opened its doors to its first German branch in Berlin. With constant success, the small kitchen has been serving delicious Kushiage since, a largely unknown but incredibly good specialty that translates into something like "oil-battered skewers".

With 30 different kinds prepared daily, the ingredients consisting of vegetables, seafood and meat get bite-sized and skewered on little bamboo sticks. Then, right before serving, the skewers get breaded and shortly deep-fried. During all this, the pastry crust keeps the oil from reaching the inside, so 20 pieces have about as many calories as your usual pasta plate.

Because of this special preparation method, ingredients stay fresh and the dishes are wholesome. Prepared authentically à la minute by the Japanese-trained chefs with utmost attention and expertise, the skewers are being served consecutively alongside different homemade sauces and freshly chopped crudités. Kushinoya is no place for plain consumption, but much rather a temple to celebrate food.

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Kushinoya – Unique Japanese Cuisine in Berlin
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