Glasklar Clear glass in beautiful form

Tuesday, November 10 2015

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Monday to Friday: 11.00 am - 6.00 pm
Saturday: 11.00 am - 2.00 pm


Knesebeckstraße 13/14
10623 Berlin
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+49 30 313 10 37

Glasklar on Knesebeckstraße has, for several years, been my place of refuge when it comes to glassware. Their assortment, unrivalled in Berlin, has been carefully compiled over the years. Wine glasses, carafes, storage jars and all manner of things in clear glass are neatly displayed in serried rows. Wagenfeld designs stand next to no-name products, tiny salt shakers next to huge cylindrical vases, cake platters with domes, preserving jars, oil and vinegar bottles - the search for all your glass needs ends here.

This unique store has been around for over thirty years. Monika Krause took ownership in the winter of 2013 and since then she’s added, harmonized and refined the collections. Now luxurious hand-blown stemware from Austrian manufacturer Zalto and specialist whiskey tumbler “Spinning Glass” by Shtox have joined the classic bistro range, these latest additions are particularly well-liked by her male shoppers. The original concept of the store has, however, remained intact: The offering of beautiful and functional transparent glass design. Here it’s not necessarily the label that takes center stage.

Glasklar in der Knesebeckstraße in Berlin Charlottenburg-7
Glasklar in der Knesebeckstraße in Berlin Charlottenburg-6
Glasklar in der Knesebeckstraße in Berlin Charlottenburg-4
Glasklar in der Knesebeckstraße in Berlin Charlottenburg
Glasklar in der Knesebeckstraße in Berlin Charlottenburg-10
Glasklar in der Knesebeckstraße in Berlin Charlottenburg-8
Glasklar in der Knesebeckstraße in Berlin Charlottenburg-2

Some of the more popular stock items have been sold at Glasklar for over twenty years. These timeless collections will continue to be enhanced with handmade pieces like those by Zalto, Nachtmann or Zwiesel. Vases and tea pots in classic and new forms are regularly being introduced. A current favorite is the Chemex Coffeemaker, originally developed by a German chemist in 1920’s America is now making its revival. A special paper filter removes bitterness and creates an unusually mild coffee.

Finally in July 2015, the long-awaited Online Shop went live. The online version is as refreshing, clear and simple as the shop. Just my thing! Monika Krause treats the online service as she does her store. The personal touch is obviously very important to her, which is why she forgoes a hotline service and instead is generally available via email or telephone. A personal greeting included in every delivery goes some way to replace the in-store conversation. You can’t get much closer to your customers over the internet.

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