Garage des Fleurs Exceptional floral craftsmanship in Schlachtensee

Tuesday, June 06 2023

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Thursdays, Fridays, on weekends & on request.

Fridays Berlin-wide delivery (+Kleinmachnow & Potsdam).

On Mondays Luisa sells at a reduced price and unbound what is left over from the weekend.


Garage des Fleurs
Reifträgerweg 6
14129 Berlin-Zehlendorf
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+49 175 294 80 21

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Flowers are nature's thoughts of love. Bettina von Arnim knows how to put into poetic words why beautiful blossoms bring such joy to our hearts. Right now, it is peonies, for example, with their lush calyxes, overarching and at the same time delicate petals in pink, pink, white or purple, or also the pulsatilla with its bell-shaped flowers in an appealing blue-violet and the striking golden-yellow stamens in the centre.

Luisa Hoffmann from Garage des Fleurs in Zehlendorf particularly loves the pulsatilla in the summer months - or the columbine with its unusual, almost artistic flower shapes. In general, it is the uniqueness that inspires her, things that fall outside the norm. "That's why I prefer to buy flowers that have not grown straight or have unusual colours. Just like people have moles or curly hair, plants always have their little peculiarities."

Finding these little treasures of nature is what she really likes about her work with flowers. And that the flowers and the range on offer at the wholesale market and in the summer months in the fields around Berlin are different every time. Because time and the season with its different weather went on and on, she was always inspired anew, and her creativity was in demand. Luisa was not always active in the creative field, even though her mother had always seen that in her.

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Previously, Luisa worked in an office job until she started her own business, Garage des Fleurs. She is not a trained florist, but in retrospect, flowers have always been her dormant passion. The response to her beautiful, lush bouquets, small arrangements and colourful wreaths for the front door was so positive that she cobbled her Garage des Fleurs perfectly to fit her current vitality and family life.

And so she runs the flower shop in her own four walls, between the garage and the basement of her house in Berlin's southwest. She also sticks and ties her compositions under her garden's beautiful, overgrown pergola. "I like pure compositions of flowering things, and since I love finding unusual things so much, no bouquet looks like the one before it."

She prefers to focus on the flowers themselves, filling in little to nothing with durable greenery like eucalyptus and pistachio, as she doesn't want to steal the show from the blooms. And, after all, how could you express your thoughts of love more beautifully than through a bouquet of lush flowers? That's why Luisa also thinks: "Flowers are the most beautiful adornment of a happy celebration!"

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Garage des Fleurs – Exceptional floral craftsmanship in Schlachtensee
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