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Wednesday, October 06 2021

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Futura Pizza
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10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain
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+49 30 98394408

We prefer to enjoy culinary delights on site in order to capture the corresponding atmosphere. But even we take advantage of delivered food from time to time, for example when we are working on the new newsletter and the time for lunch is a bit shorter than usual - and we were happy about a very special pizza: The Pizzameter from Futura Pizza Lab in Friedrichshain.

The Pizzameter is, as the name suggests, a one-meter-long pizza that can be assembled either simply or as a trio. In our case, we opted for a mix of "Marinara 3.0", "Tropea" and "Salamissima". Since a meter of pizza weighs a correspondingly large amount, the dough is proportionally a bit thicker than a typical Neapolitan pizza and also a bit softer. Depending on how hungry you are, we recommend sharing the pizza with five to six people.

In an oversized cardboard box, our pizzameter is delivered at the desired time and is even still hot, although our office is at the other end of the ring - that gives a bonus point. The highlight of the box is also the separately detachable cardboard corners, which can be used spontaneously as pizza plates if there are no dishes on hand.

Futura Pizza lab 6
Futura Pizza lab 4
Futura Pizza lab 5
Futura Pizza lab 1
Futura Pizza lab 2

We grab it and let the intense flavors of juicy salami, fruity tomatoes, garlic and olives melt in our mouths. Our conclusion: Definite recommendation, not only for team meetings. For organizational reasons, the pizzameter should be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.

Translated by Alexander Brandes

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Futura Pizza Lab – One meter of pizza please
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