Filetstück Sascha Ludwig’s Unexpected Haute Cuisine

Friday, September 13, 2013

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Uhlandstraße 156
10719 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
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When my girl friend and I were on our way to Uhlandstraße yesterday, I was looking forward to a good piece of meat. Perfectly cooked, slightly brown, and rich in flavor. What awaited us however, was beyond our expectations. In addition to exquisite meats, Filetstück offers a changing menu. And everything is prepared with so much dedication and innovation that we’re left speechless.

The restaurant opened its doors two years ago and, in the beginning, really offered nothing but high quality meats and sides. For a few months now, Sascha Ludwig has been serving 7-course menus, complete with the finest food. We were truly blown away!

The amuse-bouche set the bar high from the beginning: ‘Scallop, Cucumber Salad and Roasted Potato Espuma’ made our hearts leap for joy and I just couldn’t get over how unexpected and good this place was so far. We wanted more.

For starters, we’d chosen ‘Mabré de Foie Gras, Yoghurt Macarons, Chicory, Olives and Barley Malt Brioches’ and ‘Chanterelles, Hay, Olive Oil, White Peach, Quail Egg Yolk and Parsley’. The latter one was arranged as follows: a creamy hay soup was poured into a soup plate with denaturized quail egg yolks, small chanterelles and peach cubes right before our eyes. Along came a parsley parfait, topped with espuma, dried chanterelles and a volute of olive oil, beautifully arranged on a separate slate slab. The spooled up volute is made in a highly complex procedure. ‘If it tastes as good as it looks, I’m done’, I thought to myself - and it was fantastic!

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My friend was just as amazed by her choice and we were starting to doubt our choice of entrées, that involved plain orders of meat. Wrongfully so! As it turned out, the meat that is strictly brought in from North Rhine-Westphalia, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Ireland, is excellent. The entrecôte and the Donald Russel Filet are tender and full of flavor.

However, it’s the sides that bear all excitement. Spinach finished with fresh ginger, chanterelles with peach, foamed hollandaise, veal jus and Café de Paris butter make this dish truly come full circle. Our favorite was a mouth-watering puree of potatoes with endives and champagne vinegar. It was incredible!

For dessert, we had to fight to fit a variation of strawberry cake that was prepared live at the scene and could only take a hesitant bite of the kitchen chef’s finishing note: ‘charcoal-marshmallow with a spearmint pastry’. Food ingenuity at its best, but we were maxed out. We took one last breath to soak in the beauty of it all and decided that a visit would have to recur soon. What a night!

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Filetstück – Sascha Ludwig’s Unexpected Haute Cuisine
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