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Wednesday, December 07 2022

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Delivery and take away every second Saturday


Elevant Pop-Up in the Chipperfield Kantine
Joachimstraße 11
10119 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 156 781 888 96

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Levant kitchen. Even the name sounds elegant. Whether that is the reason for the naming of elevant? In any case, this new Berlin Ghost Kitchen specializes in high-quality Levantine mezze, which is delivered to Berlin households on selected delivery days.

With lots of fresh vegetables, exclusively vegan ingredients, and exciting oriental spices, Levantine food has a tradition - and one that transcends countries because the Levant is the name given to the eastern Mediterranean region, i.e. Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Syria. Levantine cuisine is, therefore, a kind of reflection on commonalities. Especially in today's times, it is more important than ever and a point on which elevant puts a lot of emphasis.

A nice food theme, then, and so back to the menu. This Ghost Kitchen is as fresh as the food. It was founded in August by Ruben and Elias, who, along with Shay and Georg, a fine-dining chef and a Levant chef, give free rein to their passion for flavorful, mind-blowing Levant food.

Elevant_Leopard Pita
Elevant_Kalt aufgegossener Thymian Eistee

At our test meal, we enjoy the mezze for two. Five dishes plus pitas come per elevant mezze set. We get hummus with zhug, an Israeli herb sauce, marinated eggplant with pickled chillies, red cabbage salad with beluga lentils, baked cauliflower and, my personal favourite, oyster mushroom shawarma with pickled onions.

Beautifully presented, the colourful mezze comes along, some cold, some warm and complemented by fluffy, freshly baked sourdough pita bread, perfect for dipping the wonderfully creamy hummus. The red cabbage salad is crunchy and has a subtle fruity note from the pomegranate seeds. Currently, however, instead of the red cabbage salad, we have a winter orange lentil salad with dried apricots as the mezze offerings evolve to reflect the season.

When it comes to cauliflower and eggplant, you can be fooled: Indeed, the pickled chillies are not spicy and are more reminiscent of peppers, while the cauliflower turns out to be excitingly flavoured and surprisingly spicy itself. The mushroom shawarma immediately captured my heart as a giant mushroom and onion fan. The mezze sets are sized for two or three people, depending on hunger.

We don't manage to eat up before the end of the evening and are still happy to have another portion of the delicious vegan mezze the next day. Of course, the whole thing can be topped up if necessary or combined with a drink. In our case, we enjoy a delicious homemade cold-brew iced tea with thyme. But also natural wines or sour beers selected by the sommelier can be added. 

So Saturday is Levante day in the future. The small, dedicated team at elevant makes the mezze with a lot of time and love, not on a piecework basis. That's how they manage to offer a high-quality, well thought-out and, above all, really tasty alternative to Guilty's delivery food. Cooking is done only in small quantities and only on Saturdays every two weeks. So if you want to try the Levantine mezze for yourself, you should place a delivery pre-order the week before they sell out.

If you want to save on delivery, you can also pre-order to pick up the mezze from the kitchen on Rosenthaler Platz. In addition to their gourmet Levantine delivery service, elevant also offers catering and mezze gift certificates as Christmas gifts. We wish you happy enjoyment!

elevant – Berlin Ghost Kitchen with Levantine Mezze
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