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Saturday, June 28 2014

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Niedstraße 22
10159 Berlin-Friedenau
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+49 30 749 228 72

Just ten days ago, an interesting new store with an even more interesting concept opened up just around the corner of my home. An actual concept store, if you will. Jewelry designer Stephanie Foss-Hoffstedde of 'Lieblingskette' aka 'Leon Y Lui”, vintage furniture label 'anders&artig's interior architect Malou Haberla and 'Shneidermann's Miriam Klein have realized their dream of a communal work- and showroom and in addition, have brought in two more creatives.

Namely, those creatives are artist Bernadette Schwelm, who organizes 'Designerei22' art workshops for people of any age and a showroom for herself and her art, and Syrian carpenter Khaled Karimo, who recently left his home country and has found a workshop at Designerei22 to re-start his work on handmade wardrobes, coat stands, hangers and cuffs, as well as furniture and playground equipment.

In their showroom on Niedstraße 22 you'll find a well-balanced mixture of mostly French and Belgian vintage furniture, handmade fashion jewelry, particular designs such as the hoody-scarf-combination 'Scoody' as well as the individually put together collection of interior accessories and gift items.


An eye-catching highlight, among beautiful woolen blankets, extraordinary stationery or ties by 'Pattern of Society', are New Zealand designer David Trubridge's lamps. Back home, his lamps have made their way into every interior decoration store – in Berlin, 'Designerei22' is the one place to go.

Beyond those lamps, however, there is a lot more to see in this selling space – manufacturing obviously takes place in these very premises. There is enough room for workshops, readings, and maybe even a small café so that soon, this will be a central destination for everyone with style and good taste in art. To me, this store has officially gone up among the favorites, and I recommend you pay a visit quickly!

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