Comenius-Garten Oasis behind the Garden Fence

Friday, November 20 2015


Richardstraße 35
12043 Berlin-Neukölln
.How to get there


+49 30 68 66 10 6

This oasis can be found in Richardstraße 35 in the old city centre of Rixdorf. The property is about one and a half hectares big and used to be a block of flats between 1905 and 1971. In 1992 a memorial was built here by the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Around the memorial the present garden area developed. A tour through the garden shows the life’s journey of a human combined with scientific topics of Johann Amos Comenius’ (1592-1670) studies.

Even though the connection between Comenius and the garden is not obvious, there are no signs to keep the character of a garden. Next to patches, meadows, an alley and other constructions, a pond has been built.  The garden is open to public but it remained an enchanted place. To get in you have to ask the concierge to open the gate for you. A green paradise for summery walks and picnics.

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Comenius-Garten – Oasis behind the Garden Fence
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