Coco-Mat Greek mattresses for a wonderful sleep

Tuesday, April 30 2013

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10117 Berlin-Mitte
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It`s well known, that without a restful sleep for us humans in long- term everything goes wrong. Lack of sleep confuses the hormone household, brings to a higher stress level and reduces the brains efficiency. So what is more obvious than to create the best conditions for our nightly regeneration.

Who went already one time on the search for the perfect mattress, knows how big the range of products can be. At last also because the individual needs can be s different. A company which convinced me in this point with their concept along the whole line, is the Greek label COCO-MAT.

All of their products are exclusively made from natural materials. Out of coconut fibres, natural rubber, seaweed, horse hair and goose down arise in a freely selectable length system, the most wonderfully sleeping places. 25 years of experience gave rise to a well studied system, that could be extended depending on the budget. Not without any reason you can find the beds of COCO-MAT in many european luxury hotels.


The aim of the more times awarded company is to produce the best beds on earth in the most sustainable way. That`s why all of their sleeping products are produced by hand in the factory of Xanthi, in the north of Greece.

Since the 22. of march Berlin has a store of this wonderful mattresses, beds, furniture and a fine selection of an authentic and at the same time modern greek design too. My personal highlight is the jewelery of the designer Penthe Roudakis, Dolly Boucoyanni and a pair of beautiful sandals of the label Zeus+Dione.

In May opens also the “Life by COCO-MAT” area. There will then also be available murble IKTINOS cosmetics, foods and other accessoires from Greece.

I will anyway save money from now on one of these splendid mattresses. As I tested the 4- layer- bed last week, I didn`t want to get up any more. Just amazing!

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Coco-Mat – Greek mattresses for a wonderful sleep
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