(Christmas) Glamour in Potsdam Art and Culture Tour goes beyond Berlin

Wednesday, December 22 2021

Barberini Tip:

Admission is free for children and young people under 18 and schoolchildren; all you need to do is book a free online ticket in advance. The Barberini app also features a children's escort tour for adults that allows families to go from picture to picture together.

What do Kazimir Malevich, a glittering grotto hall, and Grimm's fairy tales have in common? They are all part of this year's pre- and post-Christmas season in Potsdam.

And although Potsdam's hugely popular traditional Christmas markets can't open this year, the entire historic city center is decorated and lit up for Christmas, making it the perfect starting and ending point for a truly magnificent day filled with art and light. Over 1000 years of history can be seen and felt everywhere in the favorite residence of the Prussian kings of the 18th and 19th centuries, and it is also particularly well suited for family outings.

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Grottensaal, Neues Palais I photo_ Achim Bednorz

Neues Palais

How about, for example, the combi ticket of the Highlight Tour and instead of Sanssouci Palace, a visit to Neues Palais? It is not only the last palace that Frederick the Great had built in his park and where you can marvel at one of the most precious interiors in Europe in the former royal wing (the Lower Princely Quarter with the Press Room, Concert Room and Oval Cabinet have recently been restored) - on top of that you can now also experience the spectacularly sparkling Grotto Hall again, with which Frederick the Great wanted to impress his visitors. Let's just say, Frederick knew glamour!

Kasimir Malewitsch Konstruktion in Auflosung Drei Bogen auf diagonalem Element  in Weiss 1917

Museum Barberini

We continue with the Museum Barberini. It is not only easy to reach and barrier-free, but also presents "Impressionism in Russia. Aufbruch zur Avantgarde" (Impressionism in Russia: The Dawn of the Avant-Garde), an exciting exhibition that illustrates in over 80 works how Russian artists around 1900 developed their painting from the Impressionist study of light.

And here we also meet the painter and main representative of the Russian avant-garde, Kazimir Malevich himself, the pioneer of Constructivism and founder of Suprematism, who is still influential today. (*1878 in Kiev / † 1935 Leningrad)

Olga Rosanowa Winter. Dompfaffen im Baum 1907-08

But where is the connection to Impressionism?

"Landscape painting became the first field of experimentation for artists such as Michael Larionov, Natalya Goncharova, and Kazimir Malevich. They saw themselves as Impressionists before founding Russian avant-garde art after 1910 with expressive Rayonism and non-representational Suprematism. In liberated color, the painters found an energy that stood for the dynamism and renewal of a new age. Impressionist observation was transformed into Cubist and Futurist dissection of surfaces, and in Malevich's White on White series, it was absolutized as light-filled nothingness."

Nadine Conrad, 2021

Art to touch and ponder

We end our day in the fairy-tale-esque city center with art to touch and ponder in the historic building of the Ladentelier N. Conrad at Jägerstraße 39.

Artists and illustrators Nadine Conrad and Florentine Joop drew inspiration from the old Grimm's fairy tales in the exhibition "Mirror, Mirror, wood I wall I wolf." Although modernly understood in their realization, the works create a magical world of images.

"Nadine Conrad's painterly landscapes and Florentine Joop's enigmatic objects and illustrative concepts are an exciting juxtaposition in the redesigned interior of the landmarked building."

Florentine Joop, 2021

Enigmatic objects and illustrative concepts

Thereby children are expressly and cordially invited to immerse themselves in the works, to experience the art. Who is still looking for a last minute artsy Christmas gift, is also right here: the exhibited embroidery frames, paintings and Polaroid collages can also be purchased.

*2G with FFP2 mask applies indoors for those over 16. Children over 6 wear a mask and stick to 3G.

(Christmas) Glamour in Potsdam – Art and Culture Tour goes beyond Berlin
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