Cháomin Berlin's first Congee Restaurant

Wednesday, November 02 2022

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Thursday to Tuesday: noon - 10:00pm


Chaomin - Congee Restaurant
Prenzlauer Allee 27A
10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
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030 31480099

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Even grandma already knew about the healing effect of soups. While in Germany, this is mainly limited to chicken soup or beef broth, the so-called congee is a versatile dish which has spread from its origins in China to large parts of Asia. How good that this delicacy has now found its way to Berlin - with Cháomin, Berlin's first congee restaurant.

The cosy restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg was founded in 2020 by Khanh Hoang Bui, who wants to introduce the cuisine of northern Vietnam to Berliners with his Cháomin. As mentioned, the focus is on congee, a rice soup that is not only nutritious and tasty in many different versions - savoury or sweet, vegan or with meat - but is also intended to counteract various ailments.

When we visit, the restaurant is very full. There seems to be something to this congee. Admittedly: I was already able to taste a version of this soup as partof a Stadtmenü PR tasting during Berlin Food Week, which directly motivated me to visit Cháomin. Incidentally, the particular concept of the bright, friendly interior was also penned by design ace Huy Thong, who has already conceptualized various Asian restaurants in Berlin, such as Ryong, Hoa Rong and Oukan.

The walls are adorned with simple drawings of Vietnamese street scenes, skillfully set off by different levels and subtle background lighting. Khanh's wish is to convey the feeling of an authentic congee experience, as this is a classic street food in northern Vietnam.

CHÁOMIN_Matcha Bun

Also, for this purpose, Khanh put together a three-course menu for us. We start with Crispy Crunch, classically baked spring rolls that are obviously handmade and beautifully presented - a fine start. This is accompanied by a bao filled with glass noodles, egg, morels, vegetables and herbs. Carefully pulling apart the steamed dumpling to reveal its contents is a beautiful sight!

For the main course, we eat the restaurant's centrepiece: the congee. First, we try the new, vegan version from the Berlin Food Week, the Black Congee, prepared with black rice, various Asian mushrooms, lotus roots and many other tasty ingredients. As a counterpart, there is a simpler version with beef, which tastes strong and very fine. North Vietnamese congee is more like a porridge than a soup, very easy on the stomach and just suitable for the coming cold winter days.

In keeping with the healing dishes, we forgo alcohol this time and enjoy homemade lemonades instead. For dessert, we are delighted by a small, green matcha bao in the shape of a bear, with a delicate matcha cream inside. This is accompanied by Black Mango: black sticky rice with coconut, mango cream and fresh mango. A fruity and delicate finish.

In addition to the congee, the menu at Cháomin also includes Vietnamese dishes more familiar to Berliners, such as pho or curry, which should not deter you from tasting the delicious speciality. We are fans and look forward to our next visit to taste another highlight of Cháomin: the congee hot pot.

Cháomin – Berlin’s first Congee Restaurant
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