Vuaillat The sourdough maker

Wednesday, April 13 2022

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Monday to Friday 6.30-18.30
Saturday 6.30-14


Vuaillat Bäckerei & Konditorei - Zürich Aemtlerstrasse
Aemtlerstrasse 35
8003 Zurich-District 3
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+41 44 462 01 11

Vuaillat - the most famous baker in Zurich, has also opened a new quartier bakery in Zurich's Kreis 3. After a gentle renovation, Vuaillat founder Martin Mayer took over the former Arnet Beck branch in Aemtlerstrasse and now offers his fine baked goods here.

Passionate baking craftsmanship comes together with the desire for sustainably produced, regional ingredients. In addition to the daily freshly baked bread and delicious pastries, cream slices and praline sticks, the 15 different sourdough loaves of bread are also cherished at the Vuaillat bakery.

Whether dark or light, mild or with fine acidity, with or without grains, 100 per cent original spelt or other rare and old types of grain in organic quality - this bread, which has already won several awards, is simply a delight. For those who would like to learn more about sourdough bread, Martin Mayer also offers his extensive knowledge of sourdough in specially designed courses.

However, what is probably unique is the so-called "Sauerteighotel" (sourdough hotel), made of spruce wood. Hobby bakers who go on holiday and don't know where to put their lovingly cultivated sourdough culture will find a caring place to care for their much-loved starter in the Vuillat. After all, these have to be fed regularly with flour and water.

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Incidentally, Marin Mayer discovered his passion for sourdough bread during his stay in New Zealand. By coincidence, he became the branch manager of a well-known bakery in Auckland that specialised in sourdough products. He brought this time-honoured knowledge back to his home country. Since then, together with his team, he has been conjuring up these incredibly spicy and crunchy, mildly sour-smelling loaves of bread with flour and water. And since the beginning of April, these have fortunately also been available in Zurich.

Vuaillat – The sourdough maker
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