Vivace Caviar Caviar Indulgence with a Clear Conscience

Friday, December 12 2014


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Owner of Oliver Reist und Dominik Obrist

Last week I was treated to a very special 10-course Caviar degustation menu at Restaurant Kiosk. It was prepared by none other than the 16 Gault Millau hatted chef Tobias Buholzer, one of the most innovative chefs in Zurich. The dinner was accompanied by a selected range of champagnes. However the focus was, of course, the caviar, among which the Vivace Caviar proved to be a sensation.

I seem to recall a TV documentary about Vivace Caviar, reported in detail about the exceptional production process. Now the specialty lay before me on a plate, to be savored at hand. Initially in its pure form, and later served inside a poached egg. Then as a Payusnaya - pressed caviar - which, in place of truffle, was rubbed with potato foam, followed by a caviar cream on dried fruit bread. Excellent! The tastes and wealth of variations were simply sublime!

In addition to its delectable taste, Vivace Caviar is distinguished by the unique method in which the so-called "vegetarian" caviar is sourced. Unlike conventional caviar, the natural process strips the mature eggs without the sturgeon being killed. This novel method was developed by Dr. Angela Köhler, Professor of Marine Biology, Cell Biology and Toxicology, whereby the caviar is massaged out of the belly of the sturgeon by hand and then stabilized in a patented solution, where the eggs attain the firmness of a premium caviar.

Vivace Kavier Zürich Packaging
Vivace Kavier aus nachhaltiger Zucht in Zürich
Vivace Kavier Zürich Gründerin

And without preservatives, the roe is unchanged, remaining in its natural state. Sustainable and holistic. Thus, its exquisiteness can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. For those wanting to enrich their Christmas and New Year menu with this particular delicacy, Vivace Caviar is exclusively available in Switzerland via the online store:

Vivace Caviar – Caviar Indulgence with a Clear Conscience
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