Sushi Shin Omakase experience in the heart of Zurich

Tuesday, November 28 2023

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday. 6:00pm - 10:30pm

Tuesday to Friday also: 11:30am - 2:30pm


Zinnengasse 7
8001 Zurich-District 1
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The delicately shimmering sushi rice is just a touch warmer than room temperature, while fine vinegar lends it a delicate acidity. A perfectly filleted morsel of bluefin tuna, glistening with freshness, sits enthroned on top. A dab of soya and a few flakes of sea salt complete the nigiri. Sushi master Masami Okamoto serves the finest freshly caught fish and exclusive seafood in a class of its own at Sushi Shin in the heart of Zurich.

Only eight guests per evening are lucky enough to savour an omakase menu from Okamoto-san's hands and watch him work his magic from the sushi bar made of tasteful walnut wood. The renowned chef has already worked as a chef in 5-star hotels worldwide and even as a private chef for two Japanese ambassadors in Jakarta, Indonesia.

For the next course, the Kaiseki chef from Hokkaido chooses, for example, rich and intensely flavoured salmon roe in a very delicious dashi. In keeping with omakase tradition, he decides every evening what to serve and in what form, depending on what wild-caught seafood, fish and other high-quality ingredients the market has to offer.

Hostess Lin Wang pours aromatic sakes and the finest wines into the glass. In all of this, the focus is on the very highest quality, which has earned Sushi Shin a Michelin star. At 350 francs, this comes at a hefty price. In return, you can enjoy an unforgettable Japanese omakase experience for all the senses here in the centre of Zurich, which is unparalleled not only in Switzerland.

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Sushi Shin – Omakase experience in the heart of Zurich
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