Gustav Sensual Delights in an Elegant Ambience

Monday, March 27 2017

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Gustav Restaurant
Gustav-Gull-Platz 5
8004 Zurich-District 4
.How to get there


+41 44 250 65 00

Antonio Colaianni has been cooking at Gustav in the Europaallee since February 2016. The Southern Italian is an old friend of the Swiss gastro-scene, having proven himself with his sensual, lustrous creations at Clouds and Mesa already. In August 2016, he completed his team with Antonino Alampi, making his kitchen top-class.

The big city pub includes a bar as well as a cafe with a confectionary. The patisserie alone is worth the trip to the Europaallee. And not only is the food prepared to the highest standards, but restaurant manager Jens Jeppesen and his crew offer downright genuine and very competent service.

At the bar, Armando mixes incredible cocktails, using his profound knowledge of tequila and mescal for the best. The aperitif with gin and champagne, prepared for us directly at the table, wins us over with its glorious freshness, the ideal introduction to a felicitous evening.

With the bouillabaisse I go for the master’s specialty, and it’s definitely one of the best I’ve ever had. The saffron brew has a beautiful depth to its flavour and the crustaceans and fish within are perfectly cooked.

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Unconventional, but nonetheless compelling, is the steak tartare, served with nutbutter cream and a dollop of potato foam. For the main, I select the Glacier 51 black hake with broad beans, wild broccoli, and calamari tempura. A delicate delight!

The wine menu contains a large selection of exclusively European wines. I want to especially point out the new, largest champagne menu in Zürich. Alongside a number of known names, Gustav also has a number of unknown champagnes from various smaller makers to be discovered, many of these available by the glass.

Sommelier Fausto Giorlando advises his guests not only with competence, but with passion. Colaianni, similarly, is a passionate chef, and his cuisine can be described in the same way- made by the aromas, not the technique.

His genuine style and professionalism can be felt throughout the entire house. Not only him, but his entire team radiates pure joie de vivre. Guests at Gustav are treated like royalty, and spoiled with every trick in the book!

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Gustav – Sensual Delights in an Elegant Ambience
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