Ines Boesch & Co Handmade Scarves, Ceramics and Jewelery

Saturday, September 13 2014

Opening Times

Monday & Dienstag: Closed
Wednesday to Friday: 11.00 am - 6.30 pm
Saturday: 11.00 am – 17.00 pm


Ines Boesch & Co
Weggengasse 6
8001 Zurich-District 1
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+41 43 344 84 10

The store Ines Boesch & Co is in itself already like a piece of jewelry. And a very charming one at that. Alluring and reminiscent of a fairy tale! Coming down the stairs from St. Peter-Hofstatt in the Weggengasse, the scent of a fine fragrance wafted toward me already from the store. I learn later that it is the ancient Pot Pourri mixture of Santa Maria Novella. 

Ines Boesch & Co is one of those stores where the feeling, upon entering, is set to surely want to purchase something. Whether it is to capture the memory that you have discovered this beautiful little store and never want to forget it, or to bottle its unique charm and take some of it home.

In addition to one-off textiles and uniquely designed Ines Boesch scarves, ceramics and jewelry are also included in the range. Each as beautiful as the other! Many Zurich locals have known her unrivaled hand script for many years and also from the time when she designed the entire product range for 'En Soie'. Gingham checks, baroque ornaments and fairy-tale motifs from the animal kingdom - including their famous bunnies - have become her trademark.

Ines Boesch & Co Zürich gemusterte Kissen
Inesc Bösch Zürich Geschirr mit blauen Punkten
Ines Boesch & Co Zürich gemusterte Schale
Ines Boesch & Co Zürich Kanne und Tassen mit Punkten

But Ines wouldn't be Ines, if she would have left it at that. For her, there is always something new to create. "Creativity is my real drive. And has been since kindergarten", she told me. She has always been true to her style and high standards of quality and craftsmanship. "Without true craftsmanship it doesn’t work", she says. Only a handmade product has a unique radiance and with use becomes even more beautiful, becoming a lifelong companion.

The wonderfully scented products of Santa Maria Novella naturally complete the range and are exclusively found in Switzerland only at Ines Boesch & Co. Included are the famous essences, perfumes and liqueurs, as well as soaps, balms and skin care products that have been prepared according to the traditional formulas of the more than 400 year old Florentine monastery pharmacy.

The enticing ambience, the wonderful designs by Ines Boesch and the craftsmanship with which the products have been created - all this makes the business particularly special. And last, but not least, is the trustworthy advice of Eva Tellenbach that makes any purchase in the small old town store a unique experience, and Ines Boesch & Co ​​a place that absolutely calls for a visit.

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