Einzelstück Gems with soul

Wednesday, April 15 2015

Opening Times

Tuesday till Friday 11.00-19.00
Saturday 11.00-17.00


Müllerstrasse 45
8004 Zurich-District 4
.How to get there


Falkenstrasse 26
8008 Zurich-District 8


+41 43 211 91 11





This store one does not forget. After making several rounds within the store, one still discovers something new. Hand-stitched leather bags. Splendid scented candles. Silver jewelry. And curiosities such as felt dolls (with "…sweaters that are knitted by an elderly Dutch lady that sometimes takes forever," smiles owner Simon Wirth), old-fashioned handkerchiefs (produced by east Bulgarian farmers, who no longer work in the fields), and letters of painted wood (made from old Indonesian fishing boats). Things useful in life. Things for life. Things full of life.

They are draped over furniture that are also full of stories. It all began with these. Until now, Simon Wirth and his partner Susanne Schmid brought from their travels old pieces of furniture, which they gently refurbished without losing the charm of its good old days. A workbench from an Indo-chinese textile factory, for example. A hutch cabinet from an English printing workshop. A wooden chest of drawers from an Indian spice shop. "And this -…" Simon Wirth draws attention to small bedside table, "…I found in a completely run-down backyard in Indochina."

Einzelstück Interior Lifestyle Shop Zürich Store
Einzelstück Interior Lifestyle Shop Zürich Accessoires
Einzelstück Interior Lifestyle Shop Zürich
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The goods come from over thirty countries and are mostly made by small producers. The two founders have an aversion to mass produced goods. But they are also aware of exceptions. Thus, in addition to a high quality shaving instruments, a chic leather wine bottle holder for bicycles ("how else are we men supposed to transport a bottle of wine safely?"), and original men's gadgets - for example, smartphone lenses made in China can be found. "I find them simply cool," admits Simon. Such incongruities make Einzelstück all the more appealing.

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