Fit 'n' Tasty The perfect Start for Body and Mind

Friday, February 12 2016


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With the Christmas turkey, fondue and raclette of Yuletide behind me, my stomach is suffering a little still. It's January and I feel like an animal before hibernation: gorged, tired, dull. But the New Year is here and there isn’t time for tiredness. If only there was a reset button to reboot my body!

There is. Fit 'n' Tasty is a juice regime, and if you're thinking that's old hat, you're wrong. It’s different from what everyone already knows: the juices are freshly prepared (the day before delivery from locally sourced organic ingredients, delivered the following morning) and are cold pressed. Unlike traditional juices, the enzymes and minerals are retained. Founder Wendy Vanhonacker had the idea in summer of 2013. The detox trend had already found its way to New York back then, lacking in Switzerland. Six months later, Wendy put her plan into action.

As soon as I sent an order, I quietly panic. No coffee in the mornings? No food for three days? What about cravings? "Each of our juices consists of half a kilogram of fruits and vegetables," reassures Stefanie, person in charge of German-speaking Switzerland. "Thanks to gentle juicing and the relinquishment of pasteurization, all the nutrients are well preserved and the juices satiating and filling." She's right: I wait in vain for the great hunger to occur. Especially as the juices (which are incidentally, packaged stylishly) taste delicious. Depending on the program (there are three different ones) there are five or six different juices per day (in the "First Date" regime a small lunch is even allowed).

Fit'N'Tasty Kalt gepresste Säfte Zürich
Fit'N'Tasty Cold Pressed Juices Zürich Pimp me up
Fit'N'Tasty Cold Pressed Juices Zürich Hydra
Fit'N'Tasty Cold Pressed Juices Zürich Detox in Green
Fit'N'Tasty Cold Pressed Juices Zürich Detox it all
Fit'N'Tasty Cold Pressed Juices Zürich Genie in a Bottle
Fit'N'Tasty Cold Pressed Juices Zürich Cacao Bliss
Fit'N'Tasty Cold Pressed Juices Zürich Pink Panther
Fit'N'Tasty Cold Pressed Juices Zürich Creamy Almond

In January the demand for detox diets is, as expected, huge. However, Fit 'n' Tasty is no weight-loss program. Although weight loss is a possible and welcome side-effect, primarily you detoxify and purify for health. "The cleanse is to serve as a kick-start for a healthy diet," says Stefanie. Therefore, timing is decisive. It doesn’t make sense to detox during a stressful period. "The aim is to cleanse the body. Internally. "Yoga or long walks in the fresh air to support the goal is better than excessive sport. However, a one-time cure brings little. Newly on offer are juice boxes for everyday.

Admittedly, abstaining from coffee was hard. But only on the first day. On the second day I already felt my batteries recharged and my body freed from a large load. Promise: the abstinence is worthwhile.

Fit ‘n’ Tasty – The perfect Start for Body and Mind
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