Bü’s Restaurant, Bar, Bütique and a real Establishment

Monday, September 04 2017

Permanently closed!!!


Opening Times

Montag till Friday 11.00-23.30
Saturday 11.30-18.00
Reservations via phone!


BÜ’s Restaurant, Bar & Bütique
Kuttelgasse 15
8001 Zurich-District 1
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Everyone knows him, his colourful shirts are polarising, his wine cellar is exquisite and one of the best in the city!  You don’t just go to Bü’s for the food, the atmosphere and conversation are equally important.

Jörg “Bü” Bühler is an incredible host, a wine connoisseur, and an exceptionally talented entertainer, on top of his charming personality! It’s always refreshing to spend an evening at Bü’s, even if it’s nothing new anymore. You can’t pass by this locale if you’re in Zurich - there are plenty of restaurants with great wines, but there’s only one Bü’s!

My companion chooses the beef tartar with bread and butter, simply presented with a few dabs of balsamic dressing, as it should be. I try the salmon tartar and we decide to begin with the tagliolini with summer truffel, which is served cooked perfectly al dente.

The competent staff offers a glass of Pouilly Fumé 2013 by Jean-Claude Dagueneau. An incredible wine! There are almost 1000 names on the wine list, but I take Bü’s advice because I love his wine stories- they’re not just educational and exciting, but actually amusing as well.

Restaurant und Weinbar Bü's Zürich
Restaurant und Weinbar Bü's Zürich
Restaurant und Weinbar Bü's Zürich

Tonight he also enthusiastically tells us about a wine, a cuvée produced especially for Bü’s, and how it came to its place in the wine cellar: A while ago a man came in with a bottle of wine with a red- and white-striped label and said, “This wine is missing from your list.”

Bü is pitched a new wine almost every day, but even his cellar has a maximum capacity. Yet he was fascinated by the circus-like label and tried the wine. The quality sold him, and he visited the wonderful, small vineyard Domaine de St. Eugène shortly after.

In addition to other first-class wines with low yields, the boutique wine was created there- a cuvée of Syrah, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot grapes- with plenty of fruit, freshness, mild tannins, and a great aroma. In such a way Bü once again proves his authenticity and that he’s not just a motley mix, but a bird of paradise with a concept!

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Bü’s – Restaurant, Bar, Bütique and a real Establishment
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