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Wednesday, December 21 2016



There are things that you need, and there are things that make life the more beautiful. Tasteful objects for the home, pretty souvenirs, gifts that remind us of the bond with dear people. All this is part of the philosophy of the Atelier Sochor Shop, Susanna Sochor’s new online store.

She herself is the epitome of cordiality and good taste and is passionate about furnishings. As far back as she can remember, home accessories have always been one of her great passions. There lay the foundation of bringing her favorite pieces together, sooner or later, online. Her stylish collection includes several accessories that fit "basically any style of furnishing," she says. She personally likes Nordic the most, appreciating the lightness and the delicate colors.

In addition to a selection of candelabra, tea lights, baskets, vases, pillows, lanterns, lamps, stools and tables from more or less well-known brands such as Madam Stoltz, Hübsch, Nordal, Broste Copenhagen and Maileg, one can find great vintage objects, which she has procured from all over the world.

Atelier Sochor Shop Vasen
Atlelier Sochor Shop Weisse Vasen
Atelier Sochor Shop Vase
Atelier Sochor Shop Broste
Atelier Sochor Shop Coffeetable
Atelier Sochor Shop Hammam
Atelier Sochor Shop Stoltz
Atelier Sochor Shop Korbsessel

From antique soda bottles to vases, display cabinets and mirrors, individual finds can be found under the "old and beautiful" category, which give living rooms an individual mix. "A combination of everything," says Susanna, "gives an exciting charm, just like in fashion."

An online store with a lot of heart and taste - definitely worth a visit.

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Atelier Sochor Shop – Things that make life more beautiful
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