Waidzeit at Galsterbergalm Pure Mountain Romance

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

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Waidzeit wooden and costume watches
available at selected jeweler's shops
and partners, at the Galsterbergalm or
Waidzeit directly.


Galsterbergalm - Hutegger family
Michaelerberg 17
8962 Michaelerberg-Pruggern
How to get there


+43 676 6578209

There are certain secrets you can only reveal with a heavy heart. Such as Galsterbergalm in the Ennstal Alps. The journey alone is a spectacle. First, the luggage is loaded into the gondola of the mountain railway. Then onwards to the mountain station, where a Ski-Doo transports the luggage to the self-catering huts. The skiers can already begin here; the others go for their first small hike to the holiday residences at an altitude of 1800 m.

Awaiting visitors is nothing less than a mountain idyll straight out of a picture book. The tranquility is nearly tangible, especially in the mornings and evenings when the day visitors are gone and the mountain nearly free of people. But now, in the middle of the day, the cute gallic pigs Lilly and Willy are quietly grunting in front of their stall, the goats look curiously over their fences in the alp stables, and the sun shines in the bright blue sky, the snow sparkling in its splendour. I could cry from happiness at being back up here again.

Waidzeit Galsterbergalm im Schnee
Waidzeit Galsterbergalm Berge
Waidzeit Galsterbergalm
Waidzeit Galsterbergalm
Waidzeit Galsterbergalm Uhren
Waidzeit Galsterbergalm

It’s no wonder that this enchanting backdrop was the location of a very special photo shoot last weekend, when Vienna photographer Lukas Bezila, who’s already portrayed David Alaba, brought young Ennstal wooden watches label Waidzeit’s jewellery pieces onto the scene.


It’s naturally no coincidence that this glorious spot of Earth set the framework for the presentation of the watches. Everything fits together here. And the wooden and costume watches represent traditional family and home values in a very special way. The models standing in smart costumes in front of the camera, cute watches on their arms, also help with service and behind the counter at the restaurant. Everyone works together and can count on one another here.

It’s heartwarming to be served by such dedicated and genuinely friendly personal. Classic Lederhosen and dress shirts are uniform, of course. Traditional Styrian delicacies, from homemade Kasnocken, cheese gnocchi, to Kaiserschmarrn, sugared pancakes, are served. Host family Hutegger is always nearby and ready to ensure an unforgettable holiday for their guests, beginning with breakfast in the chalet- homemade sausage and decadent egg dishes. They spoil us!

I could go on and on forever; this place and its people have me under their spell. And now the next generation of Hutegger have discovered how they can send the alpine mood home with us. Their timeless, natural finished wooden watches for men and women bring some of the chalet magic and mountain romance into our day to day life. The bright costume watches for women pair well with Dirndls and are even a colourful addition to jeans or business casual. The young Waidzeit team’s range is an ode to their Styrian home, a declaration of love for the nature of the Ennstal Alps!

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Waidzeit at Galsterbergalm – Pure Mountain Romance
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