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Wednesday, December 03 2014


Detailsinn - Fotowerkstatt
Schönborngasse 10
Magazin I
1080 Vienna-district 8
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+ 43 676 661 42 65

Teresa Zötl and Maurizio Maier have their own very special aestetic, and I see and feel their love for detail the moment I walk into their photo studio. It is located in the souterrain of a turn of the century residential building in Vienna’s genteel 8th district, and one would never guess that it used to be a coal celler. It is like walking into a parallel world, calm and airy, with vintage furniture and decorated with perfection.

And they are great hosts! Maurizio reveals his Triestine background and love for culinary pleasures when he serves me original Italian espresso and hand-made cookies at the bar of their elegant open kitchen. This space is not just about high-end professional photography, but about comfort and communication, as well.

Hence Teresa and Maurizio organize regular events called “In Detail“. To contrast prevalent digital communication they invite creatives to present themselves and their work to a select audience, thus giving them a platform for discussion and networking.

Detailsinn Fotowerkstatt Interieur
Detailsinn Fotowerkstatt Postkarten
Detailsinn Fotowerkstatt Baby
Detailsinn Fotowerkstatt Stillleben Küchenutensilien
Detailsinn Fotowerkstatt Portrait
Detailsinn Fotowerkstatt Stillleben Schmuck

Teresa Zötl has a background in journalism and specializes in portrait photography. Maurizio Maier, a graduate from the art academy in Trieste, concentrates on still life. This is a perfect match in my book! They love working as a team, combining their skills and expertise, and developing new concepts and ideas.

Look at this one: on 1,20 m2 they arranged about fifty objects that represent their style, their way of working, and their studio and took a photo. In April 2014 they started including one detail of the picture in each of their monthly newsletters, so that at the end of the year the whole picture is completed, just like a puzzle. What a fun way to let your clients get to know you!

Detailsinn produce postcards, realize photo projects for well-known new and traditional brands, magazines and newspapers as well as private family portraiture.

Their current gift idea is called “Me/Us in 10 Objects“. It is the interpretation of the concept of portraiture as a still life. The individual, couple or family choses 10 objects which represent their personality, their history, taste, and hobbies. Teresa and Maurizio arrange them and create an imaginative one-of-a-kind, very personal and timeless photograph.

Detailsinn Photo Studio – Because Love Is In The Details
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