Atmosphere Rooftop Bar For a drink above the rooftops of Vienna

Tuesday, August 09 2022

Opening Times

Daily: 5:30 PM-1:00 AM

(only opened with good weather)


Atmosphere Rooftop Bar
Schubertring 5-7
1010 Vienna-district 1
.How to get there


+43 1-31188 150

Down on the street, cars and trams rush by, the heat hangs like a heavy fog between the walls of the buildings. But up here, on the roof terrace of the Ritz Carlton Vienna, a pleasant breeze blows, the view goes into the distance, and the city's noise is only a distant murmur. The Atmosphere Rooftop Bar is on the seventh floor - in Vienna, that's enough to see over the rooftops, to the city limits and further out into the surrounding mountains.

The city becomes a hidden object: over there, the waste incineration plant designed by Hundertwasser! Over there, on the other side of the Danube, the Uno City! And right next to us is the towering St. Stephen's Cathedral with its artistic roof. While we are still gazing fascinated into the distance, the attentive waiter brings our drinks: the signature drink Negroni Frizzante - a sparkling, light version of the classic - and a Ritz Spritz, for which the Select Aperitivo from Venice is used.

In addition to fine summer cocktails, there are various wines, sparkling drinks and a large selection of spirits. Those who want to drink alcohol-free will find creatively mixed Sober Drinks. If you're feeling peckish, you can order pinsa from the Sicilian restaurant Pastamara (which is a few floors down).


So we sit there, enjoying the cool drinks and the sun. At some point, it disappears behind the hills to the city's west. As we leave, the stars are bright in the sky.

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Atmosphere Rooftop Bar – For a drink above the rooftops of Vienna
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