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Sunday, September 27 2015

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Millions of people love going to the gym. I don’t. Just thinking about packing my workout clothes kills any motivation I might have had. That doesn’t mean that I hate sports. I actually love it. I just pefer it, well, personal. So what to do? I remember that I used to like Pilates a lot, so I start searching for a personal Pilates instructor. And I am in luck. Anna Wolkerstorfer will even come to my home.

Unfortunately, I insure my shin in a skiing accident and we have to postpone our plans. After a few weeks, Anna calls and suggests to get started. Pilates is ideal for rehab because it builds up core strength. Impatient to get moving again, I happily agree. She asks me to come to her studio, however, since there she has all the training equipment necessary for my recovery.

As it turns out, Anna is specialised in rehabilitation and almost exclusively works with people who suffer pain after accidents and operations; Pilates helps them restore their health. This is how Anna herself discovered the method and experienced first hand how well it works. Her previous job as a hairstylist meant a lot of stress and strain on her body, and thanks to Pilates she did not only get her health back but she found her professional calling, as well.

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Our session starts with a thorough anamnesis of my current and previous ailments. Anna is very empathic and I feel comfortable the whole time. Then she analyses my posture and the way I walk. Most people, Anna explains, have bad posture and this is the main cause of muscle tension, joint pain, slipped discs, et cetera.

After a wonderfully soothing anti-inflammatory cold-light treatment, Anna shows me exercises which gently relax my muscles and joints. She makes sure that my execution is absolutely precise at all times. Her studio is equipped with a multi-functional Pilates machine, a true allrounder. Another bonus point because I love variety. There is not a boring moment and we even joke inbetween the sets. This takes my mind off the physical strain because the exercises seem small – but they really pack a bunch when you do them right! The session is over in the blink of an eye.

Now I am almost completely recovered, my posture is good, and I feel strong. Thanks to Anna and Pilates my skiing accident is all but forgotten and I have even taken up jogging again. Anna never comes to my home now because I enjoy taking my bike to her studio and arriving with my muscles all warm and supple. Having met Anna was a true stroke of luck.

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