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Bad Dreikirchen Idyllic Time Out in the Mountains

Tuesday, May 26 2015


Gasthof Bad Dreikirchen
Dreikirchen 12
39040 Barbian (BZ)
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I turn silent just thinking about it – this magical place situated 1120 meters high in the middle of South Tyrol's mountains. Far away from mass tourism and so breathtakingly beautiful, I already regret the fact that I'm giving this secret away.

Three little Gothic chapels, intertwined somehow, a narrow path culminating in a small fountain, a dazzling view onto the Eisack-valley, green meadows and in the middle of it all: a 14th century house that has been a hotel managed by the Wodeneggs for 200 years now.

You reach this idyll by either taking a 20-minute walk up or by simply taking the uphill taxi that usually takes care of guests' luggage. Your everyday life and routines are left down at the foot of the hill as there is no space for such things up high.

This is where Christian Morgenstern met his wife Margareta Gosebruch, and even Sigmund Freud spent summers here. The interior has survived and been taken loving care of, the charm of it all still persists while aesthetically integrating modern comfort, too.

Bad Dreikirchen Gasthof Südtirol Barbian Lounge
Bad Dreikirchen Gasthof Südtirol Barbian Hütte
Bad Dreikirchen Gasthof Südtirol Barbian Zimmer mit Doppelbett
Bad Dreikirchen Gasthof Südtirol Barbian Doppelzimmer
Bad Dreikirchen Gasthof Südtirol Barbian Aussicht
Bad Dreikirchen Gasthof Südtirol Barbian Alm
Bad Dreikirchen Gasthof Südtirol Barbian Landschaft
Bad Dreikirchen Gasthof Südtirol Barbian Gebäude
Bad Dreikirchen Gasthof Südtirol Barbian Berge

To this day, you will not find a TV on the premises. Laptops and cell phones, however, have made their way uphill. Unfortunately so, as the spectacles of nature taking place here by the minute are much more impressive than anything else. Surreal scenes, really, that I do not seem to get enough of. I love the view of morning haze in the valley as much as I do dark red sunsets and stormy skies full of thunderbolts. A love that unites all guests, apparently.

Whenever we gather for breakfast or dinner, it feels like the hotel's guests ansd staff are one big family. There is an indescribable closeness, and you can be by yourself yet still be part of it all. It must be the magic of this place!

Then, during the day, everyone follows their plans – hiking, swimming, relaxing. Outside hikers arrive to fill up their tanks on South Tyrolese specialties while I just cannot get enough of this buckwheat tarte with cranberry jam.

Later during the night, we all come together again. And the food, with a focus on regional and seasonal products, is never any less good, be it early in the morning or late at night.

Ildiko has been the soul of the service for 15 years and it is impossible to imagine this place without her, as well as the other great team members such as host Matthias Wodenegg, who one will only rarely meet without his dog Kito by his side.

We end our days rather early than late in our comfortable rustic rooms whose old architecture's charm stands for persistence and stability. Tired from all the fresh mountain air and from hiking, we sleep like children. And just like children, too, we cannot wait for what the next day is holding for us! See you again soon, Mr. Wodenegg!

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