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The Original FX Mayr Let go with every comfort

Friday, August 09 2019


The Original FX Mayr
Golfstraße 2
A-9082 Maria Wörth-Dellach
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Wow, you look so rejuvenated! Since my return from The Original FX Mayr in Maria Wörth I hear this sentence several times a day. The combination of a comprehensive pampering programme, reduced, healthy food and lots of fresh air at Lake Wörthersee across from the Health Centre seems to work wonders. And I am happy that my relieved and relaxed inner being also radiates it outwards.

This was my fourth stay at the health centre already, which has become an annual fixed institution in my life by now. No trip, however luxurious, to distant countries or around the globe can outweigh the rejuvenation I experience here. Letting go is made easy here. And on all levels at that. Accommodated in a community that is always new, but always very open and harmonious.

Anyone who wants can actively communicate with others and those who prefer alone time can do so without causing any raised eyebrows. Everybody here has a story and everybody seeks something else. While one person may wish to recover from a serious illness and seek regeneration and to detox from strong medications, another may just want to lose a little weight. Therefore the care in The Original FX Mayr is very bespoke and always tailor-made.

FX Mayr Health Center Liegestühle
The Original FX Mayr Health Center am Wörthersee Strand
The Original FX Mayr Health Center am Wörthersee Sauna
The Original FX Mayr Health Center am Wörthersee Zimmer
The Original FX Mayr Health Center am Wörthersee Bad
The Original FX Mayr Health Center am Wörthersee Yoga
The Original FX Mayr Health Center am Wörthersee Ansicht

Everything is possible, from a diet that only consists of broths to nutrition programmes with three small, well thought-out meals. In addition, the house offers a limitless range of massages, treatments as well as training options taught by sports scientists, so that everyone receives their optimal therapy plan depending on their age, abilities and goals. Added to this are a wide range of medical services and a comprehensive knowledge of dietary supplements.

Personally, I appreciate my stays especially because I can rid myself of any baggage weighing my mind down. Every time I arrive - this year by the way for the first time by train - I am curious about the innovations that further enrich the comprehensive programme. I have always liked the option of coaching very much, because it is not uncommon for a wrong eating habit to be connected with mental imbalances or a lack of attentiveness.

Attentiveness is therefore also a core theme of the treatment in The Original FX Mayr. It is trained by ‘quietly enjoying’ meals and by reducing constant activities and distractions throughout the day. This isn't about entertainment, it’s about taking a breather and finding yourself. Afternoons under large beige sunshades at the beautifully designed beach house, in the sauna or on daily walks make it easy to relax.

But back to the innovations: The new kid on the block is mitochondrial therapy, a medically based application that promotes energy metabolism and thus the ability to perform by changing the oxygen level in the air we breathe. The therapy provides for the regulation and performance increase of the mitochondria, which are responsible for the body’s energy supply. While resting in an armchair, it simulates an altitude training, which also counteracts a state of exhaustion and sleep disturbances.

I also thought the massage called ‘Ortho-Bionomy’ was extremely relaxing and at the same time effective. It uses gentle but targeted impulses and movements to release blockages and tensions. Really amazing!

Experienced sports scientists versed in The Original FX Mayr help you to build up muscle. They draw from a comprehensive range of Pilates movements (since this year there is also a reformer!), yoga, fascia training, aqua gymnastics and much more. As personal trainers, they create bespoke training plans and gently lead even the laziest people to suitable exercises.

But I am also passionate about the topic of beauty treatments. I am repeatedly amazed at what is happening in this area and what in fact produces visible success. This year my highlight was the ‘Arosha Body Wraps with Pressotherapy’. In this application, after a peeling, bandages with intensive active ingredients are wrapped around the legs and abdomen, which stimulate the metabolism in the skin and have an extremely intensive effect in combination with pressotherapy.

Like a manual lymphatic drainage, it stimulates the lymphatic vessels to drain water from the tissue. Disorders and blockages of the natural lymphatic drainage, which are often the cause of unpleasant cellulite, are released. Afterwards the skin is so smooth and firm that I can hardly believe it and I fully understand why people are so enthusiastic about this application. 

Yet the completely natural counterpart also sounds exciting: The TCM massage, in which a mask of sea minerals is used to work acupressure points according to traditional Chinese medicine. An energy task that also positively effects the organs. But these are really just the innovations in The Original FX Mayr. There are numerous face and body treatments that have been very popular for years.

My enthusiasm, which has carried me beyond my four stays, has only grown even further after these 14 days: At no other time do I feel as utterly comfortable as after the pampering and fasting programme at this very special place. I always return home relieved and enriched at the same time. Full of energy and drive. Fully centred again.

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