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Sunday, April 17 2016

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Monday till Friday 9.00-13.00 and 14.00-18.00


Zennerstraße 6
Back Building
81379 Munich-Sendling
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+49 89 723 6 723

Appointments for individual consultation by arrangement.

If you’ve ever had to shop for a frame for a picture that meant a lot, you know that it’s not always easy. Off the rack models don’t always fit the picture or aesthetic. As I recently found a wonderful photo I wanted to frame, I had a hard time finding a store that could offer individually tailored advice and prepare a frame that lets my photo shine in its best light.

That’s why I’m so glad I came across Werner Murrer in München. Not only is he one of the most famous and sought after framing experts in the world, but he’s incredibly charismatic as well. With his studio WERNER MURRER RAHMEN he’s committed his passion and expertise to upholding the promise: "Framing art the right way."

That goes for spectacular museum assignments- like the framing of a Rembrandt or Gerhard Richter, for which Werner Murrer is often approached- and for the personal favourites of private customers alike. For this professional it’s not about the material, but rather the ideational value of the picture.

Werner Murrer Rahmen München Bilderrahmen Restaurierung
Werner Murrer Rahmen München Antike Bilderrahmen
Werner Murrer Rahmen München Maßgefertigte Bilderrahmen

Upon entering his den tucked in the back building of a Thalkirchen-Obersendling neighbourhood, I’m immediately taken in by the calm, inspiring atmosphere of the workshop. Old and modern frames of all sizes and styles hang along the walls. More of their kind are on display at the local shop across the street. They’re available for purchase or as a model for a custom frame.

On the ground floor of the workshop frames are mounted, in the lower level built, restored, and gilded- naturally, all by hand. It smells like wood everywhere and paints, varnishes, and glazes are arranged in an orderly fashion on numerous shelves.

Specialists of different fields work together hand in hand to attain the perfect result, amongst them carpenters, restorers, and gilders as well as glaziers, wood carvers, and art historians. Their goal: to create unity between picture and frame for an optimal exhibit.

Werner Murrer and his team use their unbelievable expertise and contagious passion to prepare copies of historic frames and act as experts on forms of modernism, but also to recommend much more conservative frames or even the forgoing of one if it’s the best thing for that particular piece of art. “It ultimately comes down to the original intent of the artist, which sometimes reveals itself effortlessly and sometimes requires extensive art history research,” the specialists explain to me during my visit.

My picture is in good hands at WERNER MURRER RAHMEN in any case, and as a customer my consultation isn’t just warm and friendly, but completely individually and competently done. I already can’t wait to take my newly framed picture home, hang it in its designated space, and marvel at it anew day in and day out!

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