Waldwipfelweg A trip to the treetops of Bavaria

Wednesday, June 08 2022

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February-March: 9am-5pm

April-September: 9am-7pm

October: 9am-6pm

November-January: 9am-4pm


Maibrunn 9a
94379 Sankt Englmar
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+49 9965 800 87

We have known the importance of the forest for well-being and health, at least since the books by forest fan Peter Wohlleben. But a walk along the trees can also be a thrill, as the Waldwipfelweg in Sankt Englmar shows.

About a two-hour drive from Munich, the excursion destination consists of a 370-metre-long path that spirals through the treetops and ends in a spectacular viewing platform some 55 metres above the ground. Practical: there are no stairs or steep climbs, so you can easily reach the end of the path with a pram or wheelchair. 

Once you reach the top, you are rewarded with a truly fantastic view - from the ridges of the Bavarian Forest to the Danube valley, the plains of Gäuboden and the Alps.

If you like, you can then slide down through two tubes to the lowest level or take a leisurely walk down the path again. Around the towering forest summit trail, there is also a lot more to discover: a climbing wall, a petting zoo with alpacas, llamas, sheep and even kangaroos, an XXL indoor playground and a funny little museum where everything is upside down.

Waldwipfelweg Muenchen
Waldwipfelweg Muenchen (3)
Waldwipfelweg Muenchen (2)

For a bit of indulgence in between so many attractions, you can try hearty Bavarian delicacies at the panorama restaurant with a beautiful view of nature, as well as Sengzelte (sandwiched sourdough pancakes) from a snack stand. In addition, the Lower Bavarian version of a tarte flambée is freshly prepared in the outdoor oven and tastes delicious!

Tip for those who prefer to be surrounded by the sound of water instead of rustling leaves: Around 45 minutes away from the Waldwipfelweg is the quaint and beautiful Mühlhamer Keller beer garden directly on the Danube. With a view of the gently undulating waves of the river, it is wonderful to taste a fillet of pike-perch or a Lower Bavarian cheese board. With so much fresh air, you can only get hungry.

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Waldwipfelweg – A trip to the treetops of Bavaria
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