Terra Bar Finest Bottled Cocktails at Glockenbach

Wednesday, August 02 2023

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Monday to Thursday 12-0
Friday + Saturday 12-2
Sunday 14-23


Baaderstraße 1
80469 Munich-Isarvorstadt
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Cocktails are like dishes: the balance has to be right. Too much or too little syrup, whiskey or soda, the nuances decide how good a drink tastes. Therefore, finding the right balance is the high art of mixology - and the special feature of the new Terra Bar in Munich.

Not far from the Isartor, the three owners, Ludwig Diet, Christian Eder and Markus Novak, exclusively serve bottled cocktails, i.e. ready-mixed drinks, optimally balanced. Years of tinkering and high-quality ingredients go into each of the shapely bottles of their own brand Boco.

"Our high-proof alcohol comes from first-class brands such as Smirnoff Vodka, Bulleit Rye Whiskey or Tanqueray Gin. In addition, we use organic ingredients as other ingredients, which we mainly source from smaller manufactories," explains owner Markus Novak. "We follow a holistic philosophy with high, consistent quality."

In spring 2023, Terra Bar opened as Germany's first bottled bar in the basement of the H'Otello Hotel in the Glockenbachviertel and has been scoring points with its drinks ever since, in addition to the modern-creative ambience by Munich design genius Sebastian Zenker. There are cocktail classics like Whiskey Sour and Old Fashioned, as well as exciting long drinks and their own creations, the Signatures.

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These include the "Blue Boy" with lavender syrup from the Viktualienmarkt, spirulina algae and guava-pineapple espuma. Another visual and taste highlight: the "Terragroni" with black activated charcoal, flamed with mezcal.

In general, all bottled cocktails are refined at the table, whether with flower decoration or smoke bubble bonnet - and thus create small, liquid works of art that taste wonderful.

Particularly practical: due to their bottled origin, all drinks can also be ordered as shots. The mini versions allow guests to sample their way through the exciting, extensive menu without getting too drunk.

Incidentally, the name Terra Bar refers not only to the orange-red tiled bar but also to the owners' relationship with Mother Earth. "We attach a lot of importance to sustainability," Markus Novak says. For example, the reservation signs are made of no longer needed bar tiles, and the Mexican dishes on the small food menu are exclusively vegan-vegetarian.

True to the premise that "it's all in the mix", DJs perform regularly at Terra Bar, and the menu includes non-alcoholic drinks. All in all, a coherent and innovative concept.

Terra Bar – Finest Bottled Cocktails at Glockenbach
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