Sois Blessed Exclusive concept store with non-profit collection

Tuesday, June 06 2023

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Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00am - 6:00pm


Sois Blessed
Prannerstraße 10
80333 Munich-Altstadt
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+49 89 209 418 00

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Values give us strength because they can inspire and tempt us to make the world a better place. With this in mind, Ruth Gombert opened the concept store Sois Blessed in the heart of Munich in 2017.

The shop's name translates as "Be blessed, be given a gift", and it combines three establishments on around 600 square metres: a fashion and interior boutique, a flower shop and a day café.

Sustainability and fair production conditions are at the forefront of all the goods on offer at Sois Blessed. "Our values not only determine the selection of our partners and our exceptional assortment. Above all, it is about cordial cooperation - be it with the customer or with us in the team," explains Ruth Gombert.

The in-house non-profit collection, which includes fabrics and clothing, supports the Hope School in the South African province of Eastern Cape, for example, where HIV-infected children go to school. The profit from every piece sold from the Sois Blessed line goes permanently and 100 per cent to the sick youngsters.

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The concept store is about soulful things, whether small or large, vintage or new. About haptic reading pleasure and deceleration. About craftsmanship and creativity.

In addition to beautifully curated fashion, appealing stationery, exclusive jewellery and high-quality furniture, Sois Blessed also has a flower shop - from gorgeous cut flowers to modern dried plants.

Just opposite: the day bar in elegant, muted tones with comfortable seating. Here you can order breakfast, lunch or simply a coffee. When choosing food and suppliers, Sois Blessed owner Ruth Gombert is also concerned about the quality and social responsibility.

"We have formulated seven messages for our guests and customers that reflect our values and make them tangible," explains the owner: "You are chosen, unique, excellent, grateful, precious, loved - and blessed."

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Sois Blessed – Exclusive concept store with non-profit collection
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