MangMauritz Concept Store Elegant interior and high-quality care

Tuesday, June 27 2023

On Thursday, 28 July 2022, a sales consultation with the experts of the Susanne Kaufmann team will take place from noon to 7:00pm at the ConceptStore MangMauritz, where customers will also be offered free hand treatments.

Please register for the hand treatments at ....


Opening Times

Tuesday to Saturday 12-15 and 18-0


Green Beetle
Schumannstraße 9
81679 München
.How to get there


+49 176 141 68 023

Sometimes it is the feeling on the skin, the smell or simply the aesthetics that make you buy something. If the product of desire - whether a cushion, book or cream - has also been produced sustainably: perfect!

The concept store MangMauritz by the two Munich architects and interior designers of the same name, Thomas Mang and Stefan Mauritz, takes you into a world of resource-saving materials, durable design objects and exclusive cosmetics. "We offer our customers a constantly renewed range of exquisite design highlights: Books, textiles, fragrances - all things you can feel good with and would like to surround yourself with," explains Thomas Mang.

The range consists of high-quality brands such as Loro Piana, GioBagnara, Atelier Klaus Dupont, Assouline and the SUSANNE KAUFMANN skincare line with natural ingredients - all timeless pieces with high value. "The selection of our products is all about manufactory craftsmanship and sustainability," says Stefan Mauritz.   

These core themes also characterise the Green Beetle restaurant of the traditional Munich Käfer house in the Bogenhausen district, which is adjacent to the MangMauritz ConceptStore and for whose elegant interior design Thomas Mang and Stefan Mauritz are responsible. "It is an impressive synthesis between uncompromising modernity and a connection with nature," says Thomas Mang.

GreenBeetle_Interieur_19092021_035 Susanne Kaufmann
Susanne Kaufmann Portrait
SK Spa 4[1190853]

Their sustainability concept in the vegetarian-vegan Green Beetle runs like a thread through the restaurant - from the tiles to the wall coverings, furniture and kitchen technology, as well as food and drink menus.

A fine selection of Thomas Mang's and Stefan Mauritz's interior and lifestyle favourites, which echo their "green-footprint" philosophy, is also available for purchase in the bordering ConceptStore.

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MangMauritz Concept Store – Elegant interior and high-quality care
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