KrautCuisine Wild plant workshops and fine dining on Lake Ammersee

Monday, November 20 2023

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The next dates in 2024:
16.03.2024: Fermentation (workshop with dinner)
13.04.2024: Wild garlic (workshop with dinner)
28.04.2024: Wild plant walk with picnic
04.05.2024: Edible trees (workshop with dinner)


Herrenstraße 5
86911 Dießen am Ammersee
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+49 163 616 268 9

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Mindfully exploring and tasting wild plants: This is the aim of KrautCuisine founders Jan Schünke and Christopher Haninger. In a quaint little house in idyllic Dießen am Ammersee, they regularly offer herb walks and various workshops - always exciting and with fine cuisine made from local ingredients.

Green is the new black. Today, the new status symbols are raised beds in the garden, sprouts on the windowsill and home-baked organic bread in the larder. It is a beautiful trend in harmony with nature that refers to the roots of every healthy meal.

From wild garlic to ground ivy, yarrow, field holly and dost to young tree leaves, seeds and fruits: Jan Schünke and Christopher Haninger charmingly explain which local plants and herbs are in season, taste particularly good and even have a healthy effect.

The two friends are trained wild plant educators and passionate gourmets. In 2022, they founded KrautCuisine - "a place for everyone who values sustainable enjoyment," says Jan Schünke.

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Green events take place regularly at the Dießen am Ammersee location, such as guided herb walks or fermentation workshops in conjunction with sophisticated wild plant menus. Depending on the event, expert input is also provided by KrautCuisine partners such as Victoria Lorenz.

The KrautHaus provides the perfect setting for the informative and tasty events - a two-room location with old wooden floorboards and a fireplace, where food is cooked and eaten alongside the knowledge transfer. Guests can also purchase homemade salts and syrups, as well as pickled wild vegetables, oils and dried herbs.

"Our range also includes further educational books and vouchers," says Christopher Haninger. Good to know: The KrautCuisine team's cookery skills and plant expertise can also be booked exclusively for private parties or corporate events - perfect for anyone who wants to experience the scent and beautiful appearance of nature's produce on their plate.

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