All about whisky The Munich Spirits 2023

Wednesday, January 18 2023

Opening Times

Friday (20.01.23): 4:00pm - 10:00pm

Saturday (21.01.23): 2:00pm - 10:00pm

Sunday (22.01.23): 1:00pm - 6:00pm


MVG Museum
Ständlerstraße 20
81549 Munich-Giesing
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Good to know

Ab dem Giesinger Bahnhof sorgt ein eigens eingesetzter Shuttle Bus für die lückenlose Anbindung des Festivals an den Münchner ÖPNV.

Humphrey Bogart already knew that "you always have to be at least one whisky ahead of life". In classic Hollywood, whisky has something quintessential and cultish about it; it can be found in the carafes of wealthy people as well as in "all the dives in the world". It has survived wars and prohibition and has continually evolved.

The production of the noble drops has long since ceased to be the preserve of Scotland, Ireland and the USA, just as its consumption is no longer associated only with male-acting icons.

The world of whisky and other fine spirits, and especially their incredible diversity, are Tanja Berthold's great passion. The organiser and spirits insider is therefore hosting the Munich Spirits Festival from 20 to 22 January 2023.

For three days, fans and experts of noble spirits can taste their way through the assortment of renowned producers from all corners of the world. Countries such as England, Ireland, Scandinavia, France, Italy, the USA, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan and Australia will be there, and with them, top-class producers of high-quality distillates.

In Munich's MVG Museum in Ständlerstraße in Giesing, visitors can expect a multitude of exhibitors, hundreds of spirits, exclusive and top-class tastings and an innovative whisky bar.

Renowned distillers such as A.H. Riise, Arran, Laphroaig and Old Pulteney will be represented, offering not only their specialities but also their expertise.  While the focus in 2023 is on this golden liquid, there are also various other spirits to discover, such as fine gins, rums and tequilas.

Small and delicate distilleries such as Bienenhof Pausch, Lantenhammer, Feinbrennerei Simon's, Rumult, The Illusionist, Calico's Crew or Gin de Cologne show what they can do.

Visitors who not only want to enjoy but also learn will find what they are looking for in the selection of numerous master classes. Experts from distilleries to trade journals will address a wide range of questions about whisky, rum, taste, enjoyment, maturation and what chocolate has to do with whisky.

On Friday, for example, Heinfried Tacke, editor-in-chief of the magazine "Der Whiskybotschafter", will ask the question "What makes a whisky a good whisky?" while on Saturday Kathrin Baltruschat will present the favourite single malts of the Scotch Single Malt Circle, a women-led whisky association. Furthermore, producers such as Arran and Laphroaig will also present their distilleries and selected specialities in their workshops.

So if you love whisky and other spirits, you can taste to your heart's content, shop and end the evening at the extensively stocked bar. Day and festival tickets are available on the organiser's website, workshops have to be booked separately. We wish Slàinte Mhath!

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All about whisky – The Munich Spirits 2023
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