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Wednesday, November 04 2015

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Monday till Friday 10.00-19.00
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Theatinerstraße 1
80333 Munich-Altstadt
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+49 89 25 55 69 92

E-mails, texts, innumerable chat platforms… With all the digital messages we send and receive on a daily basis, the handwritten letter has become a true rarity- and also something incredibly precious. It shows that someone consciously set aside time for the receiver, that they made the effort to take out pen and paper and send a personal greeting.

But where can you even find the proper equipment for the job nowadays? In München, at least, the answers lies in Bethge. More concept store than classic stationer, you can find the shop in the middle of the inner city, not far from the pedestrian precinct in peaceful Schäfflerhof.

From precious letter paper to exquisite writing utensils to eccentric desk accessories, everything that makes writing beautiful can be found here. Even the modern world of communication is represented in the top-quality leather cases for laptops and smartphones. “We also package up the digital world,” company founder Waltraud Bethge explains to me. The Hansestadt native founded her company, with branches in Hamburg and München, in 1977.

Bethge München Store
Bethge München Füller
Bethge München Aktentasche
Bethge München Regenschirm

The operation’s cadre- a printing studio in Hamburg’s Fischmarkt- still stands. Thus, Bethge has retained the ability to offer print materials of incredible quality and intensive colouring to this day. Business cards, invitations, or personal greeting cards- thanks to traditional, intricate hand screen printing techniques the final product looks like anything but the bland results of modern mass production.

Thanks to their Online-Shop, this unique service is no longer only available to those in Hamburg or München. Nevertheless, I would still recommend a personal visit to one of their stores- the only way to really enjoy the fascinating feel of the Bethge products.

What’s more, the assortment of goods also includes unique gifts and funny gadgets. Alongside the home office decor you may also discover wallets, sunglasses, and jewellery for your inner virtu. I’m personally leaving the store with a chic new bicycle light. I’ve been searching for such a piece for ages- highly functional but still a stylish eye-catcher. Magnificent!

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BETHGE – Everything that makes writing beautiful and more!
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