Bayerischer Hof Hospitality at the Highest Stage

Saturday, September 12 2015


Hotel Bayerischer Hof
Promenadeplatz 2-6
80333 Munich-Altstadt
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+49 89 21 20 0

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How do I even begin to portray a place so fabled and legendary as the Bayerischer Hof? A place that has brought together people and stories that could fill entire volumes. A noble shelter that, for me as a Berliner, is an example of Munich's openness, joie de vivre and the city's weakness for luxury.

For 175 years now, the Bayerischer Hof has attracted personalities of distinction amass, from world athletes to world leaders. I will not begin to name them all as there would be no end to this list, but it's a fact that numerous families have been coming here for generations and many a passionate visitor makes it a habit to return regularly.

Covering 340 rooms, 65 of which are suites, this hotel is among the larger ones and was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War followed by thorough reconstruction measures. A tour de force by the Volkhardt family who has been in charge since 1897.

While the hotel houses five different restaurants, it is thanks to Innegrit Volkhardt, head manager for the past 20 years, that an overall intimacy still reigns the premises. 'Trader Vic's' is one of the hotel's five restaurants and, with its authentic 60's interior, my potential favourite.

Bayerischer Hof Luxushotel München Dachgarten
Bayerischer Hof Luxushotel München Sofa
Bayerischer Hof Luxushotel München Doppelbett
Bayerischer Hof Luxushotel München Zimmer
Bayerischer Hof Luxushotel München Restaurant
Bayerischer Hof Luxushotel München Dachterrasse
Bayerischer Hof Luxushotel München Kino
Bayerischer Hof Luxushotel München Sitzgruppe
Bayerischer Hof Luxushotel München Saal
Bayerischer Hof Luxushotel München Tafel

Glorious parties, noble dinners and splendid galas have been held in the ostentatious ballrooms, private halls and several bars – above all 'falk's bar', situated in the unscathed hall of mirrors, followed by less pompous, yet equally beautiful spaces such as the original 'Tiroler Stube'.

Every inch here may be keeping another secret for you to reveal – take, for instance, Europe's longest chandelier running throughout the entire stairway or the classiest little cinema you'll ever see. I even spot a painting by my favourite Paul Klee, however, not for sale much to my chagrin.

I could go on forever about how observing the sunset from the Blue Spa Lounge will take your breath away or how the rooms' interiors have been designed by an internationally renowned set designer. But I originally came here to stay the night, so...

I've felt comfortable from the moment I stepped inside the building that despite its size radiates privacy and elegance, and all the beautiful little details seem natural.

Our Junior Suite on the sixth floor is a dream come true: elegant, a noble yet warm shade of grey and so comfortable we hardly want to leave the living room anymore. Before we go to bed, I spend some quality time in our master bathroom and arrange whatever we brought in the walk-in closet to honour its presence.

The mattresses are heavenly and even with our windows wide open we hardly hear anything but the nearby church's bell. Breakfast is served in a newly renovated space and you can either opt for the luscious buffet or choose à la carte. The magnificent view over Munich is on the house!

Reluctantly, we prepare for our departure after this grand finale. Rarely does it happen that a hotel feels like home that quickly. Somewhat sadly we pack our things and memories and sway our hats - “Goodbye, Bayerischer Hof! We'll meet again, dear Volkhardts!”

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