Wandfirma Happiness drawn on walls

Wednesday, February 24 2016

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Wandfirma – Charlotte Crome
Ruhrstrasse 88
Atelier Achterhaus
22761 Hamburg
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+49 177 330 56 27

It’s love at first sight. I’m standing in artist Charlotte Crome’s Altona studio and I’m in love. With a wall. More specifically, with a wall painted with giant rhombi. The harmonious colour combinations and precise shapes release a kind of happiness within me. "Yes," Charlotte Crome agrees, "I hear this feedback from my customers a lot. Colour on walls does something to you."

Raised in the Black Forest, Charlotte Crome is creative all along the line: communications design graduate, trained actress, artistic studies in Hamburg and Venice. During this time she developed a liking for ornaments and graphic forms, which is reflected in many of her oil paintings and watercolours. The idea for her Wandfirma was a coincidence. Friends and acquaintances were always so entranced by the colourful walls of her apartment, she received more and more contracted work and now she decorates apartments and shops in all of Hamburg with her special colour combinations and shapes.

Charlotte Crome farbige Wandgestaltung Grün
Charlotte Crome farbige Wandgestaltung Hamburg Rauten
Charlotte Crome farbige Wandgestaltung Violett
Charlotte Crome farbige Wandgestaltung
Charlotte Crome farbige Wandgestaltung Rauten
Charlotte Crome farbige Wandgestaltung Hamburg
Charlotte Crome Portrait Hamburg

Charlotte Crome prefers to work with mineral tones that she mixes herself. These colours are eco-friendly, suitable for allergy sufferers, and provide a healthy room climate. The painter first takes in the room before holding an intense colour consultation. With the help of large colour samples, the right concept is found quickly. So as not to leave any traces behind, the colour is brushed rather than rolled on the wall, which means that it’s powerfully massaged in with a high-quality brush and is thus truly connected to the wall.

But it’s not just the idea and execution that leave the private living rooms more beautiful, it’s also the charming and humorous nature of the Hamburg citizen that immediately makes affectionate teamwork fun. With a wealth of ideas and plenty of empathy for the customers and their wishes, colourful walls are created that inconspicuously open the room, release endorphins, and most of all provide something very special.

Wandfirma – Happiness drawn on walls
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