Raum Adventure Playground for Culinary Explorers

Sunday, January 05, 2014


Gaußstraße 190
22765 Hamburg-Ottensen
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+49 40 73449969

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RAUM is situated right next to MEHL and serves up exciting culinary novelties in a very comfortable environment. Rustic wood paneling makes it all even more homey - as soon as you enter, you leave the outside world to itself for a bit.

My personal favorite and top secret tip are the sporadic epicurean nights that take place off the usual timetable. Sometimes you’ll find various chefs competing with each other in a kitchen slam in which the guests decide who wins after each course.

At other times they serve freshly brewed beer. Gin and whiskey tasings as well as True-Asia-Nights are also part of the program, the latter one including eleven courses with drinks for only € 65. With a little bit of candlelight and an open kitchen, this atmosphere quickly turns strangers into friends. The events are listed on RAUM’s webpage.

RAUM’s premises are also available for rent. This is the way to go if you want to dance, laugh and cook to the top of your bent - the complete culinary sequence is customizable and subject to your desire.

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Raum – Adventure Playground for Culinary Explorers
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