Milk Made Ice Cream Ice-cold pleasure with a lasting note

Tuesday, March 22 2022

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Tuesday to Sunday: 1:00pm - 6:00pm


Milk Made Shop Eppendorf

Eppendorfer Landstraße 96
20249 Hamburg-Eppendorf
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Friedensallee 30

While 1600 kilometres to the east of Hamburg things are happening for which you can't find the right words, I'm sitting at my desk writing about what is probably the best ice cream in town. It feels strange. It seems that we are living in normality that is becoming more and more cracked. I hope we draw the correct conclusions. One possible decision would be to be grateful. To be able to live in peace and not to be oppressed. 

Grateful to all the people who work every day to make our lives more beautiful, more colourful and more enjoyable. Thank you for your courage, diligence, ideas, dedication, wit and perseverance. These attributes apply to Judith and Silvia, the two founders of Milk Made Ice Cream, without reservation. On top of that, they make outrageously delicious ice cream without any additives.

They source their ingredients as regional and local as possible. For example, the sugar beet comes from Uelzen, the milk from Reitbrook dairy farm in the Marsch and Vierlanden. There, the cows stand on the green pasture and give milk to the two ice cream makers. In hot summers, when cows hardly eat and therefore provide little milk, there is sometimes no milk and consequently no ice cream.

Judith and Silvia accept this. They stand for quality and sustainability and prefer to not provide ice cream rather than handing their customers a product over the counter that they don't stand behind one hundred per cent. We think that's a great attitude. Waiting can be pretty sexy. Another plus in terms of sustainability: the milk canisters in which the milk is delivered are cleaned and reused. If that wasn't enough, you could take Milk Made Ice Cream home, to the park or the next garden party in a reusable glass.

Judith und Silvia von Milk Made Ice Cream Hamburg Eppendorf
Milk Made Ice Cream Hamburg Eppendorf (1)
Milk Made Ice Cream Hamburg Eppendorf (5)
Milk Made Ice Cream Hamburg Eppendorf (3)
Milk Made Ice Cream Hamburg Eppendorf (6)
Milk Made Ice Cream Hamburg Eis-Haenger
Milk Made Ice Cream Hamburg Eis-Ape
Milk Made Ice Cream Hamburg Eppendorf

Judith and Silvia make their ice cream daily with love and by hand in their ice cream kitchen in Eppendorf. This is where the individual Milk Made flavour is created, making each variety a taste experience. The ice cream is fruity, has a creamy texture and is, above all, moderately and pleasantly sweet. During the test meal, we first stick to the classics vanilla, hazelnut, stracciatella and lemon before licking our way through flavours such as Franzbrötchen, poppy seed cherry, espresso martini or vegan lime basil ice cream. Finally, after extensive ice cream testing, we come to a conclusion: Delicious! Go there! Enjoy!

Silvia and Judith's ice cream is in great demand, and they produce it for several large delivery services, among others. As if that wasn't enough, you can find their ice-cream cart at various events, from festivals to weddings. Even though the demand is constantly growing, the quality of the product is always the focus. And with it the satisfaction of the customers.

Milk Made Ice Cream can be found at Eppendorfer Landstraße and Friedensallee. The shops look as fresh and inviting as the ice cream itself. We are already looking forward to spring, the subsequent visits to Milk Made Ice Cream and a handmade, cool, refreshing ice cream. Or we can just have a portion delivered right to our own Hollywood swing.

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Milk Made Ice Cream – Ice-cold pleasure with a lasting note
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